star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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 Juggo Octorus application

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PostSubject: Juggo Octorus application    Thu 11 Jan - 19:55

Character Name: Juggo Octorus
Faction: Jedi Order
Specie: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Alignment: Light
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Silver
Skin: Reddish-brown
Physical Markings: Small scar on right cheek
Birthplace: Coruscant
Planned Base Class(es): Jedi Guardian
Planned Prestige Class(es): Temple Guardian
Preferred Role: Leader or Follower? Leader
Personality: Shrewd, pragmatic, analytical, and vigilant. Yet, maintains a diverse sense of humor.
Likes: Meditation, physical and mental training, strategy meetings, and diplomacy,  
Dislikes: Sith, slavers, warmongers, and bureaucracy.
Gear: Heavy-armor Jedi Robes, lightsaber,
Background Story: Born on the upper-levels of Coruscant, to wealthy merchants, Celestia and Sonaris Octorus, Juggomegas Octorus has never wanted for anything. Everything provided him by loving parents...until Juggomegas began to exhibit force-sensitivity at the age of 8. His parents, fearful and mistrusting of Juggomegas' budding abilities, after much debate and deliberation, decide to contact the Jedi-Order, for advise on how best to deal with Juggomegas' various 'talents'. Days pass before the Octorus family are met with two robed figures. A tall, muscular, broad shouldered black-man, introducing himself as Jedi-Master Omegasbenevolo, and a young, small-framed Padawan by the name of Kira. As Juggomegas curiously observed the robed newcomers, he immediately felt a connection with the duo he could not understand...
Personal comment: Backstory to be continued
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Pax Holocron
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PostSubject: Re: Juggo Octorus application    Thu 25 Jan - 16:30

Be careful when using npcs like Kira. Your character is not the Hero of Tython nor any main PC in video game in star wars the old republic. When you can add avatar of your character. The rest we worked out through discord and now I can officially welcome you to the role play community.

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Juggo Octorus application
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