star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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 Benna's application

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PostSubject: Benna's application   Wed 7 Jun - 1:51

Character Name: Benna Denakar
Faction: None
Specie: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 1.76 cm
Weight: 60.5kg
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Darkish fair
Physical Markings: Bodily decently fit. She tries to keep a low profile, so it doesn't show. Eventhough her face hasn't any scars, her body has quite markings from battles she has seen over the years. One particular noticible under the right collar bone from a blaster hit many years ago.
Birthplace: Nar Shaddaa
Planned Base Class(es): Scoundrel
Planned Prestige Class(es): None yet
Preferred Role: Follower
Personality: Distrusting. Sarcastic. Though, she misses having friends, she can get offensive at attempts of people trying to make friends, because she hates seeing them go, which is why she come off as short-tempered, mean; even violent.
Likes: credits, pazaak, getting the job done. She can be greedy at time.
Dislikes: killing for fun, altruism, imperials, making friends
Gear: Brown/grayish trenchcoaty jacket that blends in well with the crowd of the underworld.
Background Story:
Born Nar in Shaddaas red light sector, but raised on Tatooine by her father after he helped her escape an imperial shakedown, in which her mother was killed. They stowed away on a vessel to Tatooine. She never saw her two younger brothers again. After 3 years of trying to make a living on Tatooine Bennas father fell ill with a disease, but without the means to help him much beyond the basic care-taking he died not long after. As he passed away had instructed Benna to seek out a man name Duwan in the catina of Anchorhead who could help her. Now at the age of 10 she was running shady business for Duwan as payment for his protection. At first she was grateful, but as the help Duwan required became more and more shady and the lines of morality became more and more blurred, she jumped ship when she meet a republic recruitment officer in one of Tatooine's spaceports. Also the pay was good (she had found a love for credits living as modest life on Tatooine). She saw this as a great chance to get revenge on the imperials she blamed for tearing her family apart and killing her parents. She showed great aptitude for the military life, but there was always only one thing on her mind. Revenge. Being a soldier hardened her physically, but emotionally she no longer knew who she was. It was hard for her to make friends, and she soon stopped trying after realizing over and over the harsh realities of war; that your friends die. She became more and more closed off from the world around her and only focused on the job at hand. At this point the military needed Benna for more covert operations behind enemy lines. One night, while trying to sabotage a supply line in the enemies territory on Nar Shaddaa her mission was intercepted by Duwan's thugs. The thugs were killed by the battle hardened soldiers, but not before they kill three of Benna's fellow compaions and shot her near her collar bone. Paralyzed on the ground she called out for command called out to her group for help, but command pulled the operation since there was a good chance the imperials knew about it by then. She managed to crawl to cover and managed to avoid the imperial patrols. She cut all her official ties to the republic military and tried to survive in the underworld of Nar Shaddaa by doing the only thing she was ever taught to do. Doing shady business and killing for credits in low profile.
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Pax Holocron
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PostSubject: Re: Benna's application   Wed 7 Jun - 21:23

I like your application. We did have some trouble setting up your character sheet, but you were patient and willing to learn, and I value that quality at people. Many gave up just on the first glance on what we offer here for role play, but you determinate to go with it to end. When it is your turn I will notify you via discord. This application is now approved.
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Benna's application
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