star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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 Skye Application

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PostSubject: Skye Application   Skye Application EmptyWed 12 Jul - 23:16

Skye Application Skye_s10

Name: Erza Skylar - 'Skye'
Faction: Geonoharadan
Species: Human - Echani half breed (human dominant gene)
Gender: Female (Bisexual)
Age: 19
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 1.66M
Weight: 52kg
Eyes: white/purple
Hair: Long white
Skin: Human pale White
Physical Markings: Due to extreme training with the Genoharadan, Skye is exceptionally fit and light on her feet, her eye sight is beyond exceptional.
Birthplace: Unknown
Planned Base Class(es): Soldier
Planned Prestige Class(es): Marksman
Preferred Role: Either
Personality: Skye appears to many as a cold determined individual who keeps her sight focused on completing a job, quite literally. Trained for one purpose she is loyal to her given contract. Though she is young her youth was sacrificed to make her into a killer.  
Likes: Been Serious, Acts of professionalism, Getting the job done
Dislikes: Childish acts, Time wasting, Letting the target escape
Gear/Attire: She wears black medium Genoharadan armor, she carries her own custom sniper rifle and a personal shield generator.

Background story:
A Calling of the shadows

"Erza Skylar... Apparently that is the name they gave me at birth, though now that name... that name has little meaning to me." Skye paces around the room as she speaks to her holo she has placed on the table, a mysterious masked figure speaks to her. "What name does have meaning to you?" the voice is edited and robotic so that the persons real tone could not be heard. Skye stands still pondering for a moment. "My friends call me Skye, I like that name... it's simple, hard to forget." The figure over the holo laughs, "Considering our line of work perhaps you would prefer it if they didn't remember."
Skye shakes her head, "Those kind of people usually end up dead so what difference does it make?" The man responds. "True, and what of your past... do you not wish to know the truth?" Skye smirks. "The past is the past, that is the only truth. I can't hit the target ahead if I am looking behind."
Skye slowly walks and sits down at the table keeping her eyes focused on the figure in the holo.
"So are you gonna give me the job already or not, you and I already know my profile." The figure in the holo image rubs the side of his mask for a moment then speaks. "The target we have been hired to eliminate is the hardest and most extreme request to date, under normal circumstances we would not accept this contract but it just so happens that the brotherhood agrees with our mysterious benefactor, this target needs to be removed."
Skye cannot help but be interested in what she is hearing. "So who is the mark?" The figure pauses for a moment... "Your target, is Darth Jadus."


Skye was traded into the Geonoharadan by her parents as payment when she was only 3 years old, most of her memory of that time is forgotten to her, She was trained and taught how to kill by the brotherhood. She completed her first assignment at only 8 years old.
Skye does not know where she came from nor does she have an immediate desire to know the truth.
The Geonoharadan is all she knows.
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PostSubject: Re: Skye Application   Skye Application EmptyThu 13 Jul - 16:26

You know the drill. Everything is in order, and background story is directly involved with main plot of season 1 in Pax Republica. We'll have it work somehow.

Skye Application O4x3ob8
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Skye Application
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