star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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 Aspen Application

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PostSubject: Aspen Application   Fri 25 Aug - 20:16

Character Name: Aspediolus (Aspen for short)
Faction: neutral
Hair:dirty blonde
Skin:pale brown and grey
Physical Markings:scar's on wrist and ankles and a burn on both sides of the neck
Birthplace: nar shaddaa
Planned Base Class(es):DOCTOR
Planned Prestige Class(es):Medic
Preferred Role: Follower
Personality:  very boy like, easy to awe, Very giving and kind
Likes:nature, music, stars  
Dislikes: cantinas, violence, hutts
Gear:Staff, hooded cloak, shirt, pants, small med kit
Background Story:a young sylphe that was born in to slavery on nar shaddaa (family was taken during the Galactic Civil War) That has escaped his enslavement and is set out to do as much good in the most peaceful way (but knows that there is no peace with out a fight) hence he studys across the galaxy to become the best healer ever known.
Personal comment: im new to this and he is new to the galaxy so we thrive to be come the best
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Pax Holocron
Pax Holocron

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PostSubject: Re: Aspen Application   Thu 31 Aug - 15:31

You have nothing to worry about being new. Reach me out via discord anytime you have questions. Or anyone else in our community, everybody is happy to help you. I fixed your character sheet, you just need to spend 1 tech point. Your application will suffice, I usually expect more but I wont be hard on you since you are new to this and still in learning process. Welcome to Pax Republica Crew Story. Will sort your story spawn point via discord.

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Aspen Application
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