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 Zonurruka Application

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PostSubject: Zonurruka Application   Zonurruka Application EmptyWed 12 Jul - 17:40

Zonurruka Application 2017_010

Name: Zonurruka
Faction: Jedi
Species: Wookie
Gender: Male
Age: 178
Alignment: Lawful Good
Height: 2.54M
Weight: 150 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long black and White
Skin: Wookie fur
Physical Markings: None
Birthplace: kashyyyk
Planned Base Class(es): Jedi Guardian
Planned Prestige Class(es): None
Preferred Role: Follower
Personality: Zonurruka is a strong honourable warrior with a kind heart. Unlike many of his race he has never had a dislike towards outsiders and in fact enjoys been in the company of others. After seeing the horrors of slavery he has a strong dislike to slavers and those who would support slavery. Zonurruka's age and experience make him more calm and patient than many of his kind, he is loyal to those who fight for justice.
Equipment: Custom Jedi heavy armour plating, Green staff saber,

Backstory: Zonurruka is a Wookie from the world of kashyyyk that was taken in by the Jedi as a child. As a young child a Jedi master along with a squad of republic forces came to the aid of Zonurruka's village that had come under attack from Trandoshan and Weequay pirates attempting to take the villagers as slaves and pit fighters to sell to the Hutts. After defeating the pirates, the Republic forces met with the Wookie village Chief. There Zonurrka was discovered by the Jedi master who could sense he was force sensitive.
Upon hearing the news Zonurruka's father was delighted to learn of his sons hidden power, he agreed to allow his son to be taken by the Jedi order and trained.
After joining the order as a youngling Zonurruka greatly enjoyed training and meeting other potentials attempting to become Jedi. He made many friends an excelled through his trials.
Zonurruka was taken as a Jedi padawan by a Kel Dor Jedi Master Ken Raul. Unfortunately before his final trials to knighthood were completed within the order the Jedi temple was attacked by the Sith lord known as Darth Malgus, Zonurruka and several Jedi were able to escape though Master Ken Raul was slain by the Sith that day.
Seeing the temple shattered, broken and in flames Zonurruka felt something inside of him that he had never felt before... He felt rage.
As the Jedi recovered on the planet of Tython the feeling inside of Zonurruka began to fade, he confided his feelings to Master Satele Shan and Master Kwiiks. Soon the rage he had felt subsided all together and Zonurruka became a Knight of the Jedi order.
Zonurruka continued to server the order, he fought with the republic with the Sith attacked Tython sacking the jedi temple. He helped reclaim it.
When the Eternal Empire revealed itself upon the galaxy as the Jedi order fell once again and Satele Shan had vanished Zonurruka decided to return to his homeworld.
As time continued to pass word of an alliance standing together against the Eternal Empire had began to spread.
Zonurruka left his homeworld once again in search of those seeking to fight for justice.
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Character Sheet
Health Points:
Zonurruka Application Left_bar_bleue100/100Zonurruka Application Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
Shield Points:
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Armor Percentage:
Zonurruka Application Left_bar_bleue50/100Zonurruka Application Empty_bar_bleue  (50/100)

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PostSubject: Re: Zonurruka Application   Zonurruka Application EmptyWed 20 Dec - 16:43

Totally forgot about this. I just told you via discord that it was approved but I did not actually do it here on forums. This was approved during the last summer.

Zonurruka Application O4x3ob8
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Zonurruka Application
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