star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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 Murriel Application

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PostSubject: Murriel Application    Wed 20 Dec - 10:32

Character Name: Murriel La’chanc’e
Faction: Neutral
Species: Zeltron
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Alignment: True Neutral
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125lbs
Eyes: Blue/Red
Hair: Green base – Pink Highlights (Natural)
Skin: Light Pink
Physical Markings: Covered from head to toe in tattoos – Lip, chin, tongue and belly piercing
Birthplace: Zeltros
Planned Base Class: Tech Specialist
Planned Prestige Class: Spy
Preferred Role: Follower – though not adverse to taking the lead on a mission she has a financial stake in
Personally: Aggressive
Likes: Smoky Cantina, Dance Clubs, Nightlife, Bathhouses – Most of all THE BEACH
Dislikes: Work, ill feelings, negativity, mundane activity
Gear: Leatheris Pants with lace mesh, Tech Utility Belt, Smuggler’s Vest with ablative shoulders, Thigh high leatheris boots, Rangefinder pistol.

Background Story: After being stranded on Nar Shaddaa by a gambling ‘acquaintance’, befriended by The Hutt. Learned to work to survive; Danced in the Red Light. ‘Willed’ a Tattoo Parlor by the Hutt after the previous owner died of mysterious circumstances. Joined the Republic Reserves because a recruiter told her a she would get a condo on the beach; still a private after two years – with two years left on her contract.

After a recent reserve deployment to Zakuul for peacekeeping duty opened a night club with help of some shady financial backers, lost the club due to her ‘side’ source of income of selling the secrets she heard in the club; angered the wrong people. Formed a group of like-minded girls who stole secrets and performed odd jobs for her. Is the de’facto leader of the Alpha Legacy Strike Team, which performs covert missions for the Alpha Legacy.

Currently: Homeless and living on a farm with one of the Alpha Legacy Members on Lameredd, but still running side jobs. Under contract with the Zakuulian Reclamation Bureau to return looted items acquired during the war back to their rightful owners.

Murriel hardly gets her hands dirty anymore, she has people who do that for her. But she is skilled, having had many boyfriends and girlfriends during her time on Nar. Learned from Mandalorians, Slicers, Republic Soldiers, Sith, Errand Jedi and finally Marstel Alpha, who she is currently denying having any real feelings for. The two have a bond, which she continues to deny; don’t want or need attachment; at least that’s what she will say. Never runs away from a party and always looking for something to get into. She wears her story on her skin, addicted to tattoos constantly erasing and changing them like the wind; though her tattoo parlor is really only opened for 30 minutes a day, if that. Loves to enhance herself, even at the cost of pain. Skilled dancer, seductress. Skilled artist, when she wants to be. Will jump in the sack with anyone ‘just because’, but especially if she has something to gain from it. Knows what someone wants and will give it to them, especially if it fits into her endgame. Unlike other Zeltrons, she is not naïve to the galaxy, the Red Light and the Hutts having taught her the value of a credit and what she needed to do in order to survive.  

Quote: “Wanna see me spin?”

The beginning of her backstory is posted on the side and is ongoing. Her personal journal is located here:
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PostSubject: Re: Murriel Application    Wed 20 Dec - 23:56

Our first Zeltron. And from the free forum RP content you provided, it looks like we got ourselves are well established Role Player. Welcome.

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Murriel Application
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