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 Kinaria - The Jade Legacy

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PostSubject: Kinaria - The Jade Legacy    Kinaria - The Jade Legacy  EmptyTue 9 Jan - 15:58

The Darker Path
And The Road To Redemption

A small fire burned in the campsite under the trees of Tython as night fell upon the Jedi homeworld.
Kinaria and Master Tol were sat facing each other across the fire.
"Remember what I taught you padawan, close your eyes feel the force around you, even now as darkness ascends the light always remains, always keep your focus, always keep your trust in the force, the light will guide you and the keep darkness at bay."
Kinaria was focused, she fell into a deep meditation and could feel the force all around her. There was no question that the light was indeed powerful on Tython but still, underneath it all she could not help but sense something else... something sinister in the shadows. The feeling began to shake her but she tried to remain focused.
"That's it focus Kinaria, focus."
Hearing her masters words was enough for her to keep her nerve, slowly the feeling began to creep away, till she could no longer feel it.
Kinaria took a deep breath and then slowly opened her eyes, they shined brightly reflecting the light of the flames as she looked to her master.
Slowly Master Tol arose to his feet, he walked over to Kinaria and placed a hand on her shoulder. "There is no darkness that does not flee from the light, you have done well, I can sense your improvement."
Kinaria smiled, it brought a sense of peace to her to know that she was finally making progress, that at last finally she felt a sense of belonging that she had been searching for.
"Thank you master, I promise I will not fail you." Kinaria slowly stands up and bows to Master Tol in respect.

Master Tol responds in kind with a bow of his own. "Now I have seen your mind is in the right place let us see how your skills with a lightsaber are coming along." The Jedi Master brings his lightsaber into hand and ignites it. Kinaria nods and brings both her ligthsabers into hand and ignites them. She switches to a reversed grip as both of them fall into their ready stances. "Attack when ready padawan." Master Tol instructs as he skillfully spins his lightsaber in hand. Kinaria could see he had fallen into his defensive soresu stance.
Suddenly Kinara sprinted at Master Tol with immense speed, she delivered a serious of flurried strikes, Braga's own lightsaber was able to meet each of her strikes, quickly the master dropped down low and went to sweep Kinaria legs with a kick.
Kinaria leaped up in the air over him but he quickly turned around and delivered a force push knocking her up into the trees. Her back banged against the tree causing her to drop her lightsabers and she fell to the ground onto her knees.
Master Braga's tone became more serious. "If you cannot maintain your close range and allow me to keep you at distance like this you will merely wear yourself down or allow yourselves to openings now, try again."
Kinaria gets back on to her feet and dusts herself down, she pulls both her lightsaber back into hand and keeps her cool and composure.
Master Braga falls back into his ready stance as they prepare to spar again.
Kinaria charges at Master Braga again, this time as she gets close the Jedi Master swung his lightsaber at her, quickly Kinaria drops down and slides along the ground under it. She moves to strike forcing Braga to turn and defend.
"Good, but remember to be mindful of your surroundings." Braga suddenly reaches into the air with his right hand and force pulled a branch above Kinaria down.  
Kinaria lept backwards out of the way but sensed an opportunity, before the large branch even hit the ground Kinaria quickly ran around the other side of the tree, she de-activated her lightsabers and lept up into the trees, she was now hidden from sight.
"I admire your tactics Kinaria but you cannot hide from me, I can feel your presence."
Master Braga channels his energy and blasts the top of the tree with a powerful kinetic force push to shake Kinaria out of it. As the force push hits the tree Master Braga was surprised with the sudden shock of a lightsaber igniting behind him and the blade been held just inches away from the side of his neck.
Master Braga deactivates his lightsaber. "Impressive... I yield."
Kinaria smirks and pulls her lightsaber away from him, she also deactivates her weapon and attaches both lightsabers back to her belt.
"You are learning quickly Kinaria, as you could see your Ataru form would not simply break through my defences though your form has greatly improved, a simple Sith would of continued outright aggression but you showed paitence and made it a battle of the mind, I am greatly impressed."
Kinaria nods to her master. "Thank you master Braga though I am still certain you were holding back on me."

The two Jedi were both suddenly distracted by a sound coming from the bushes ahead, Kinaria quickly reached for her lightsaber again but Master Braga raised his hand to signal her to wait. the sound of rustling became louder and louder until suddenly a young twi'lek girl came wondering out of the bushes.
"Numa?" the young child looked up to Kinaria, her face was sad and her eyes were full of fear, Kinaria slowly reached out to her but the young girl fainted.
Kinaria moved quickly and caught her, she looked up to Master Braga. "Master what should we do, we cant leave her?"
Master Braga examined the twi'lek girl, he rested a hand of her forehead.
"This child is most likely from the Kalikori village, we have been trying to help their settlers here despite the senate declaring their settlement here illegal."
Kinaria looked down at the unconscious girl. "That name she called me, Numa, I think she is looking for her sister master." Master Braga reached out with the force. "I do sense another life form near by though it is weak, we should hurry."
Kinaria lifted up the child and handed her to master Braga, the child was light and easy to carry for him.

Kinaria and Braga left their camp,before long they started to find traces of someone else near by. "Look here."
Master Braga looked at a tree, Kinaria came closer and examined it, there was a hand print on the tree, a hand print of blood...
The trail of blood continued, the jedi followed the trail cautiously until finally in the distance they could see another twi'lek laid on the ground.
The Jedi rushed over the scene, Braga gently put the young twi'lek girl down on the ground as Kinaria examined the twi'lek woman on the ground. The twi'lek was laying face down and looked gravely injured. She had several large cuts on her back, Kinaria gently turned her over and the Twi'lek woman coughed.
Kinaria looked at her face in shock, as she saw that her face and her eyes had also been cut.
Struggling to breath the twi'lek woman managed to speak and managed a few words, she spoke in basic. "Please... Please... Protect my little sister."
The struggle in the twi'lek suddenly stopped and she fell back dead in Kinaria's arms. The young Twi'lek girl woke up and screamed at the sight, she ran over and cradled her dead sister. "Numa, no come on, Numa we have to go home!"
Master Braga came over and put a hand on the young childs shoulder. "I am sorry child, it is too late, she is at peace now."
Everything suddenly fell silent for Kinaria as the young girl wept at the lose of her sister, she could feel that feeling again, that same sinister feeling lurking in the shadows she could feel it closer than ever.
Suddenly Kinaria got to her feet. Braga looked to her.
"What is it Kinaria?" For a moment Braga's words did not seem to reach Kinaria it was almost as if she was completely absent from everything, only the sinister feeling remained.
"Master please take the girl back to the village, I will bring these killers to justice."
Before Braga had chanced to respond Kinara started sprinting in the direction of the feeling, she could sense it she knew the killers were not far away.
Braga called out to her but he could not leave the small Twi'lek child alone.  "Kinaria wait, wait!"

Kinaria had ignored Master Braga's command, fixated on the feeling, she had to know, she had to face it. Before long she had picked up on another trail, much larger and easier to spot than searching for the twi'lek.
She knew right away what was responsible for the twi'leks injuries. "Flesh raider scum..." Kinara's fist clenched in anger as she continued to proceed on wards.
A short while later she could see it, a group of flesh raiders had a camp ahead in front of her, Kinaria quietly made her way to the egde of the camp. She examined the beasts that were guarding the camp.
The majority of the flesh raiders were sat around a boiling pot in the middle of the camp most likely feasting on the victims they had hunted and killed.
Kinaria looked at her hands as they were shaking, not with fear but with rage. These monsters had hunted the twi'leks for sport, a pointless killing. It stabbed at her like daggers in her mind. "These scum have to pay." Kinaria brought a lightsaber into a hand and walked straight into the Flesh raider camp.
One of the guards yelled out to alert the others but was then immediately silenced as Kinaria threw her lightsaber at him removing the flesh raiders head, she brought the lightsaber back into her hand.
A war cry suddenly erupted through the camp as all the flesh raiders charged at Kinaria.
Kinaria brought her second lightsaber into hand and ignited it, she sprinted straight into the flesh raiders and began to cut them down at immense speed.
Limbs from all the creatures were been severed as she struck them down, again and again.
A flesh raider ran up behind Kinaria and attempted to grab hold of her. In response Kinaria turned her lightsabers in hand and thrusted them behind her impaling the flesh raider through the stomach. After a moment the create fell to its knees, Kinaria quickly span around and struck it straight down the middle slicing the flesh raider in half.
One last flesh raider tried to flee, it started hobbling away from Kinaria, she leaped into the air and came crashing down on the flesh raider smashing it into the ground.
The creature died instantly.

Kinaria stood in the now lifeless Flesh raider camp, breathing heavily she looked around at the aftermath of the carnage that had just unfolded. The flesh raiders were gone but the feeling was still there.
Suddenly a darkness seemed to appear before her as a hooded figure approached her.
The figure spoke to her. "You should kneel before perfection, now do you see what you truly could become, the true power of the force, forget the boundaries of the Jedi fulfil your destiny and become the Sith you were born to be."
The figure pulled down its hood and revealed Kinaria standing before herself. "The Sith... The Sith that tried to murder me for no reason, why would I ever go back to them, I have brought justice to these murdering savages, something the Sith would never have done."
The dark presence laughed. "Don't be a fool, you think you can change the galaxy be killing a few savage beasts, look deeper, the hate of these creatures gave you the power to destroy them but you could achieve so much more, let your emotions flow through you and together we will be unstoppable."
Kinaria thought for a moment until she looked her dark form in the eyes.
"Everything that you just said was wrong, you are wrong about the Jedi and you are wrong about me." Quickly Kinaria ignited her lightsaber and stabbed the dark figure straight through the heart.
"So be it." The figure started to laugh manically and then suddenly erupted into black mist. The voice of the figure whispered one last thing to Kinaria before the feeling and the dark mist vanished. "Without me, you will never be free."

"Kinaria!" Master Braga and several other Jedi knights quickly ran into the camp where they found her standing in the middle of the devastation.
"Master... I'm sorry I..."
"Sorry for what?" Master Braga spoke in a slightly confused tone.
"We found the twi'lek childs sister but then you ran off into the woods, they are both resting and recovering at the Jedi temple and will be returning home shortly."
Kinaria looked around confused, the devastation, the flesh raider camp... it was all gone. "What... but I thought..."
Kinaria was stunned to see herself standing back in their own camp that her and master Braga had been training in just hours ago.
She looked up to see the sun rising over the trees. Braga again spoke. "After taking the twi'leks back to the temple myself and other members of the council felt a disturbance in the force, I could feel a dark presence but it was gone by the time we got here."
Kinaria rubbed her forehead. "I think it was the force, the force gave me some kind of vision, I think it was a warning..."
Master Braga looked at Kinaria puzzled when they were suddenly interrupted by one of the other Jedi knights. "Master Braga we have checked the whole area but we did not find anyone."
Braga nodded to the Jedi and then turned back to Kinaria. "Very well, we should return to the Jedi temple at once, we shall discuss this vision you had with the council, come the young twi'lek girl will want to thank you for aiding her."
Kinaria stood silent for a moment still trying to take in what had happened. "I... very well master."
She nodded in agreement, the Jedi made the journey back to the Jedi temple.
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Betrayal on the Fourth Moon

Blaster fire and explosions could be heard all around as Republic and Imperials forces clashed against Revanite followers upon the moon of Yavin IV.
Revan the returned had come to restore the Sith Emperor to a physical form and then destroy him once and for all.
Among the ranks of his many followers was Kinaria, the once loyal Jedi who fell under Revan's command after her master Tol Braga was corrupted by the Emperor.
Although the legendary Jedi, the Hero of Tython had been able to free Master Braga from the Emperor's influence in the battle for Correlia, Kinaria never truly forgave her master for his fall to the dark side.
Now under the joint command of Master Satele Shan and Darth Marr, a small coalition of Republic and Imperial forces united against Revan to put an end to the Revanite threat, for if the Emperor should return... He would consume all life in the galaxy.

Revan himself stood at the base at the temple of Sacrifice, surrounded by a group of his elite forces he spoke to them."The Republic and Imperial fools have come here to prevent us from saving the galaxy, this we cannot allow, they and everything else on this moon must be sacrificed so that the Emperor will be restored one last time before I ultimately destroy him." Revan paused for a moment, he glanced at the Jedi and Sith present before him, even though he was masked Kinaria could not help but feel his gaze towards her.
"You must push their forces back and give me time to complete the mechanisms ritual, once the ritual has begun flee back inside the temple unless you too become another source of fuel for the sacrifice, do not fail me for if the Emperor survives he will destroy all life in the galaxy, it is either this moon or everything else, now go show our enemies the true error of their ways."
Revan turned and made his way back inside the temple, the Revanites cheered as they turned and began charging for the temple ruins and other areas of the forest.
Kinaria joined up with a group of Jedi and Mandalorians who flanked into the forest to ambush the approaching coalition forces.

Before long the Revanite forces were in position and their enemy had made their approach, there was no turning back now.
"For Revan!" The Mandalorian commander yelled as a sudden heavy barrage of missiles and blaster fire smashed into the advancing Republic and Imperial forces.
Kinaria and the other Jedi and Sith Revanites also ignited their lightsabers together they all rushed out from behind the trees and engaged the enemy troops.
Wielding her two purple lightsaber Kinaria unleashed a fury of attacks on several soldiers slicing up their blaster rifles and then knocking many of them to the ground.
Some of the other Jedi attempted the same to prevent killing as many of their old republic allies as possible.
The Mandalorians and Sith however did not have the same restraint and simply killed anyone they could as if they were any other enemy.
Kinaria could not help but feel the conflict inside of herself as suddenly a Jedi fighting along side Satele's force charged towards her.
"You must face justice traitor!" The Jedi yelled as his green lightsaber clashed against Kinaria's.
Kinaria started out on the defensive blocking strike after strike, the conflict in her grew stronger and stronger until she came to realize that he was not going  to stop.
In a swift movement Kinaria locked one of her lightsaber with his and then user her other lightsaber to slice her enemies lightsaber in half.
Quickly she deactivated her own sabers and landed several punches on the Jedi before force pushing him back into a tree.
The Jedi managed to stagger to his feet shocked, unfortunately before he had chance to react another Mandalorian Revanite fired a blaster shot straight into the Jedi's torso sending him tumbling back the floor lifeless.
Kinaria gasped at the sight as suddenly she turned back to the Mandalorian who fired the shot but before either the Mandalorian or her had a chance to comment on what just happened the Mandalorian suddenly found himself lifted into the air and pulled forward as he was suddenly impaled by a blue light saber.
The new assailant quickly pulled out his lightsaber and quickly overwhelmed two other Sith and a Jedi Revanite who stood close by.
His gaze suddenly fell to Kinaria as her grip on both lightsabers tightened.
Saber still ignited in hand he walked towards her.
"Come with me now Kinaria I sense your pain, help us end this before it is too late." Master Tol Braga stood before her.

Kinaria stood frozen unsure how to respond at first, a wave emotion erupted like a storm inside her until finally she met her old master square in the eyes.
"You would know of pain wouldn't you Braga... Why should I take the word of a man who allowed himself to become the puppet of the Emperor, I must help Revan succeed or others will be corrupted the same way, I must help save the galaxy."
Kinaria suddenly force leaped into the air brought her sabers clashing down on Braga but he quickly dodge to the side.
Kinaria rolled on the ground and turned to face her former master.
"The Emperor was cunning, he broke me this is true, but the same Jedi who saved me was also able to stand against and defeat him, you must trust in the order as you once did."
Kinaria shuck her head. "Except the Jedi who defeated the Emperor as you claim failed and did not destroy the Emperor's true form, Revan will finish what we started."
Master Braga sighs as he grips his saber and falls back into a Soresu stance.
"Surely you must have sensed that Revan is also broken, the hero from legend is gone Kinaria as powerful as he claims he is he will not be able to stop the Emperor, Revan and the Revanites are playing right into his hands, I cannot allow Revan's mission to succeed."
Without another word Kinaria rushed Master Braga again using her mastered Ataru form.

Under the trees of Yavin IV Kinaria and Tol Braga's lightsabers clashed again and again in a ferocious duel.
In the past Master Braga was able to easily defend against Kinaria's attacks but now it seemed she had improved perhaps even beyond his own expectations.
Kinaria swapped into a reversed grip stance and began striking at Braga's defense with immense speed.
Braga suddenly managed to lock his saber against both of Kinaria's but she quickly followed up with a swift kick to his side preventing him from going on the offensive.
While still using reverse grip Kinaria attempted to spin down and strike low at the Jedi masters legs forcing him to leap up into the air above her.
Remembering the same move Braga had used on her during training on Tython she quickly launched a powerful force push upwards  blasting the Jedi master up into the trees.
The sound of snapping branches filled the air as Braga crashed into the top of one of the trees, he managed to grip onto one of the thicker branches, he looked back down as Kinaria used the force and ran up the tree opposite him, suddenly she back-flipped and turned in the air, she launched both lightsabers towards Braga as they rotated through the air at immense speed.
Braga quickly dropped down from the tree as Kinaria lightsabers slashed through the branches he had been holding onto, he landed on the ground as Kinaria also retrieved both her lightsabers and landed back down on the ground.
"Your skills have vastly improved my friend but you have not beaten me yet." Suddenly Master Braga deactivated his lightsaber, he clipped it to his belt and then sent a huge blast of force energy straight at Kinaria.
The blast shuck the trees violently as it moved, Kinaria used her force speed to move out of the way but suddenly a second and then a third blast was heading towards her.
Lightsabers still in hand while dodging the oncoming blasts from Braga she managed to quickly use the force to grip larger branches above Braga and pulled them down.
Hearing the sound above Braga reached up with the force and tossed the logs aside.
As Kinaria drew closer he reignited his lightsaber once more as their struggle continued.
Kinaria's purple blades had locked with Braga's lightsaber once more until suddenly she felt it... that same feeling she had that haunted her back on Tython.
She heard the voice again inside herself as all of time seemed to stop.

"Why are you stalling, you could have ended this broken old fouls life by now if you wanted to."
Kinaria looked in awe as the whole forest around her suddenly seemed to vanish and fade to blackness, just herself and Braga remained as their lightsabers glowed and sparked while pressed together.
"Wha... What is this." Suddenly her eyes began to glow red as an unstable black spark of lightning started to crackle over her hands.
"This, this is your destiny who you were supposed to be, use your full power now and show your master your true nature."
Kinaria tries to resist. "No wait!"
Though it was too late suddenly in a flash the forest was back all around, her eyes still glowing red suddenly a powerful blast of black lightning erupted out from her hands knocking away Braga's lightsaber and engulfing Master Braga, he cried out in pain.
He watched in horror at the display as another blast of energy came from Kinaria sending him spiraling backwards smashing into another tree.
He tried to pick himself up but simply collapsed back onto his knees.
Kinaria lightsabers in hand slowly strolled towards Braga.
Though with each step she tried to resist more and more, it was as though the actions she was watching through her eyes were no longer her own.
As Kinaria finally stood over Braga the jedi master looked up and coughed but began to shake in fear.
"No... Not again, I know this power."
Kinaria raised one of her lightsaber as she prepared to strike the killing blow, she tried to resist harder and harder until finally as she moved to strike Braga down she stopped her hand and dropped her lightsabers to the ground. She collapsed on her knees next to Bragga.
Kinaria twitched for a moment as the dark lightning started to come back but she closed her eyes and resisted more.
"No! I wont... Get, get out!"
Kinaria focuses as suddenly the black lighting is seemingly forced out of her.
The lightning takes the form of a figure that now stands before her and Braga, his red eyes appear once more.
"You foolish child, why do you fight that which makes you greater, why do you resist the inevitable you cannot hide from the darkness that lingers inside of you."
The figure reaches out his hand he lifts Kinaria with the force making her stand on her feet.
"Release her!" Master Braga commanded as he also arose to his feet.
The dark figure and his red eyes turned to Braga.
"Go away little insect, I already showed you the truth once you are nothing more than a fly waiting for me to swat away once more Braga, you did not even prove useful to my plan, you... are a failure."
Kinaria struggled against the figure. "You're time is almost over, soon Revan will complete his mission and you will be destroyed by him once and for all."
The figure looks back to Kinaria suddenly he releases her from his grasp and begins to chuckle.
"Revan... the broken fool his soul is quite literally split, his purpose here is indeed complete but he will not get the wish he seeks, for the Republic and Empire have already ravaged this moon, and soon my ascension shall be complete, nothing can stop it now."
Master Braga shakes his head. "It may not be Revan, and it may not be today but you have already been defeated by the Jedi once, your quest for immortality shall not succeed."
The figure laughed again. "The Jedi, the Sith, it does not matter anymore, there is no limit to my power you cannot truly believe you can succeed."
Kinaria starts to laugh herself, which seems to peek the figures attention.
"You truly believe that your power is limitless yet here I stand defiant to your will, you tried to force me to strike down Master Braga and I refused, no matter what lies you say to feed your pride you are just another coward trying to cheat death Tenebrae, but there is no death, there is only the force."
The red eyes of the Emperor suddenly seem to burn bright with rage at the mention of his name, and the mention of some challenge to his power.
"You, are a fool my child, and you will lose, everything."
Suddenly the form of the emperor unleashes a huge blast of lightning at Kinaria but Master Braga reacted.
"Noooo!" The bold Jedi Master threw himself between Kinaria and the Emperor.

The black lightning slammed into Tol Braga as he tried to defend Kinaria taking every ounce of power in his body to resist using tutaminis.
"Master no!"
Kinaria cried out as she watched Braga facing the storm head on.
Another ghostly figure suddenly appeared in the struggle, he reached out with the force and tried to aid Braga, Braga  nodded at him as the figure gave Braga some relief allowing him to half turn and face Kinaria, he gripped her with the force.
"You must go, warn Satele and the others before it's too late!"
Kinaria reached out to him but before she could say another word he turned completely towards her and pushed her far away. There was a huge explosion of energy which seemed to cover everything in the area,
But then she could sense it, there was nothing left.
The figure of the Emperor, Master Braga and the spirt were all gone.

When Kinaria rushed back through the trees the fight that had been raging was over, the revanites had been broken and the temple of sacrifice had been destroyed.
As she tried to make her way back to the republic and empire forces a gigantic purple beam seemed to spiral around the giant temple and then fired itself away into the sky.
She already knew the truth, the Emperor had returned and Revan... Revan was gone.

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Kinaria - The Jade Legacy
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