star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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 Kinaria Jade Application

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PostSubject: Kinaria Jade Application    Sat 30 Dec - 23:37

Name: Kinaria Jade
Faction: Former Revanite/Jedi Exile
Species: Human - of Sith blood
Gender: Female (Bisexual)
Age: 27
Alignment: Neutral lawful
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 55kg
Eyes: Sith orange
Hair: Long ginger
Skin: Pale/White
Physical Markings: Very good physical shape, exotic beauty, no physical scars.
Birthplace: Ziost
Planned Base Class(es): Jedi Sentinel
Planned Prestige Class(es):Jedi Shadow
Preferred Role: Either
Personality: Kinaria is a headstrong individual who always prefers to take some form of action rather than waiting patiently. Due to the nature of her past she finds it difficult to trust others. Kinaria hates the corruption of both the republic and the empire and will generally avoid political discussion if she can.
Those who prove loyal friends to her will receive the same loyalty in kind.
Likes: Lightsaber crystals, combat, justice, taking action.
Dislikes: Politics, The Empire, Pointless actions, apathy.
Gear/Attire: Kinaria wears her own black robe with a combination of light padded armor, she also wears a headband given to her as a gift from her old Jedi Mentor.
Kinaria wields a Purple lightsaber and a Yellow lightsaber shoto for her off hand.

Backstory: Child of Ziost

Kinaria was born upon the Imperial world of Ziost, her parents were Imperial loyal to the Empire and its true ruler the Sith Emperor. Their own blood line mixed with that of the purebloods from the world of Korriban, it came as no big surprise that Kinaria was a force sensitive child.
Despite been discovered at a younger age Kinaria remained on Ziost with her parents and studying at the Imperial academy until the age of 15 when she was finally sent to Korriban.
As a Sith Acolyte on Korriban, Kinaria spent 6 years learning the ways of the dark side and preparing for her trials under the tutelage of a Sith Overseer known as Tremel.
After completing all of her offworld tasks Kinaria was finally given the chance to become the apprentice of a powerful Sith known as Darth Jadus.
In her final test in the Sith tombs upon Korriban Kinaria was able to best her rival in combat and declared the victor of the contest.
Kinaria was sent to the Imperial Capital of Dromund Kaas to begin her new life as an apprentice of Darth Jadus. Destiny however had another calling, for not too long after Kinaria had arrived on Dromund Kaas, Jadus and his flagship the Dominator were destroyed by a terrorist attack on the Imperial Capital.
Kinaria never had the chance to meet Jadus face to face.
After the apparent demise of Darth Jadus his daughter Darth Zhorrid ascended to his seat on the dark council. Out of either paranoia or simple boredom Zhorrid ordered her own minions to kill Kinaria.
Kinaria was able to dispatch of the assassins Zhorrid had sent and managed to escape Dromund Kaas.

The events that had occurred changed Kinaria, her faith in the Empire had been shaken. Feeling lost and confused knowing her chances of greatness in service to the Empire had been greatly damaged by Zhorrid Kinaria fled across the galaxy until she found herself upon the world of Tatooine.
Shortly after her arrival Kinaria joined a small group of treasure hunters as hired protection as they went in search of ancient artifacts to sell from the Dune sea.
Quite by chance one such artifact the treasure hunters found was a Jedi Holocron, a member of the treasure hunters crew knew a contact within the Jedi order and that they would surely be rewarded for returning it.
A meeting with the contact was arranged and so he came to Tatooine personally to recover the artifact.
The Jedi master was none other than Master Tol Braga.

Upon the meeting between Braga and the treasure hunters crew, Braga sensed the power within the new individual they had hired.
Sensing the dark side to be strong after asking the crew questions about Kinaria he saw fit to speak to her himself.
This was her chance Kinaria had thought to herself, if she brought back the head of this Jedi master to the empire it would bring her enough respect for a second chance in the empire, surely someone from the dark council would have to see the benefits of her power.

After the trading of a few words Kinaria ignited her red lightsaber and challenged Braga, before he had time to respond Kinaria rushed him forcing the Jedi to ignite his own lightsaber and defend himself.
Kinaria struck blow after blow at the Jedi Master though he seemed to block against each attack with ease.
After blocking another attack Braga countered with a swift back hand which caused Kinaria to fall backwards off of her feet.
Braga was impressed by the display none the less. Instead of pressing his advantage to end the fight there and then he fell back into his ready defensive stance allowing Kinaria to arise back on to her feet and attack him once more.
After watching Braga's technique Kinaria decided to change her tactics.
This time as she rushed him again she quickly attempted to use the force to hit him in the face with sand from the ground as a distraction so she could proceed with the killing blow.
The sand appeared to hit the Jedi master in the face but as she went to strike with her blade her target was not there.
Suddenly she felt a large thud on her back as Braga had dodged around her and hit her in the back with the hilt of his saber.
Kinaria quickly turned and attempted to strike at him again though this time Braga intercepted with a strike of his own, slicing her lightsaber in half and destroying the red crystal inside.
Kinaria was stunned, knowing that she was bested she fell to her knees and awaited the Jedi to strike the killing blow.
Braga however did not strike her down, instead he offered her a second chance, a chance of redemption to turn away from the dark path. He explained to her how the dark side was perhaps not all that powerful as the Sith believed and that she had a chance to find another way.
Kinaria thought hard on his words but simply could not find a way to disprove what Braga had said.
The Jedi master had bested her so easily, was it just simply down to combat experience or could the Jedi actually be telling the truth?

Her decision was made, she accepted Master Braga's offer and left with him back to the world of Tython.
There Kinaria renounced the Sith and the dark side, she began a new learning the ways of the Jedi under Braga and Satele Shan's personal super vision.
Though she was still only a padawan learner within the order, Kinaria began to aid the Republic on secret missions even working along side that of Republic SIS agent Theron Shan.
Together along with several other Jedi and agents they aided Master Braga in forging his plan to capture the Sith Emperor and redeem him from the dark side.
After all the pieces were finally in place for Braga's plan, Kinaria begged him to allow her to join him on his mission, though Braga refused.
Kinaria was left behind on Tython while the other went on the mission.
Unfortunately the mission was not a success, Braga and his entire team were defeated and taken prisoner by the Emperor who then corrupted their minds and turned them to the dark side.
After learning of Master Braga's loss Kinaria again found herself feeling broken and confused.
Braga was so certain and still he failed, everything was confirmed when the Hero of Tython was the only Jedi to return from Braga's mission after breaking free of the Emperor's control.

Kinaria remained on Tython for a while longer until the remainder of the Jedi order went to Correlia to openly fight against the Empire along side the Correlian resistance  and the Republics forces.
Upon Correlia Kinaria was informed that Master Braga was leading Imperial forces and that they intended to cause catastrophic destruction to the people as a sacrifice to the Emperor's power.
Fortunately the Hero of Tython was able to defeat Master Braga and free him from the Emperor's influence.
The battle for Correlia was won and the Hero of Tython even went on to go Dromund Kaas and destroy the Sith Emperor.
For a time Kinaria's faith in the order was restored as it seemed the light side was victorious.
As more time passed however, whispers and rumors began to cycle that the Emperor was not truly did.
This at last came into confirmation when the Sith known as Darth Revan returned to the Galaxy along with his Revanite followers.
Briefly waging war on both the Republic and Empire alike many flocked under Revan's banner believing that under his rule they could unite the galaxy and destroy the Sith Emperor once and for all.
Learning the truth about the Emperor's survival and after and many other Jedi had been killed by an Imperial attack on the planet Tython, Kinaria left the order behind and joined with the Revanites.
Following Revan's rule Kinaria aided his forces on both Risha and Yavin IV.
Kinaria fought loyally with the Revanites until the Spirit of Revan himself spoke to her and several other of the revanites explaining that the Revan they were following was not right.
Shortly after this Dark Revan was defeated by the Republic and Empires joint efforts.
After being tracked down by Theron Shan he convinced Kinaria to come back and aid the Republic SIS in finding a way to destroy the Sith Emperor for good.

The search for a way to defeat the Empire ended up in leading Kinaria back to her homeworld Ziost, there more joint efforts between the republic and empire attempted to defeat the Sith Emperor.
In the end their efforts failed and the Emperor was able to wipe out the planet Ziost. Kinaria was just barely able to escape along with Theron but her parents and family on Ziost all perished in the Emperors ritual.

Kinaria was present in the hunt for the Sith Emperor when Darth Marr's fleet came under attack from the forces of the Eternal Empire.
After Marr's fleet was wiped out the survivors fled only to learn not shortly after that the Immortal Emperor Valkorian had been slain and that his son Arcann had  taken the throne for himself.
Under Arcann's rule the eternal Empires force came crashing down on both the Republic and the Empire Kinaria again fled into the outer rim.
As far as she knew, Satele, Braga and all the other Jedi were now dead.
Kinaria returned to Tatooine to see if any of her the old treasure hunting crew were still present there.
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PostSubject: Re: Kinaria Jade Application    Sat 6 Jan - 15:34

Everything is in place, including character sheet. Well used of known star wars the old republic faces, and respecting their standing lore wise. For further development of the character we can talk via discord, but I am also looking forward to see this character into interaction with others. This application is approved.

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Kinaria Jade Application
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