star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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 Oyo Application

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PostSubject: Oyo Application   Tue 24 Jan - 17:17

Character Name: Oyo
Faction: Republic
Specie: Ratattaki
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Alignment: Light
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 80kg
Eyes: White
Hair: No Hair
Skin: Chalk-white
Physical Markings: Black tattoos on body, and body scars, usually hidden beneath his wears
Birthplace: Rattatak
Planned Base Class(es): Jedi Guardian
Planned Prestige Class(es): Temple Guardian
Preferred Role: Follower
Personality: Battle Hungry, Overprotective with friends, Quick to anger, Easily gets pissed off
Likes: Big weapons, Explosions, Workout, Wrestling, Food, Hunt
Dislikes: Fake innocence, Negotiations, Cowards
Gear: Heavy Battle Suit Armor, Staff-Saber, Lightsaber, Sniper
Background Story: Born on the world of warriors and soldiers, along with his brothers, Oyo learned the philosophy and culture of their species at an early age. From when he was very young, he was taught that only the strong rule on their homeplanet. Rattataki fought each other for power, and while Oyo did not have a temper typical for a Rattataki, those battles, that he tried to avoid, were everything he had and knew.
But he was a force sensitive, together with his brothers. When they were discovered by the Sith Empire, they were forced to join the Sith, at least he was forced. His brothers were waiting for such an opportunity, to grow more powerful. Despite of his personal desires to not become a sith, during his training and time on Korriban, he appeared to be far more skilled than his brothers, and his masters were pleased with Oyo's work. Everything went smoothly until his trial, when he was sent to kill an innocent, helpless man. Refusing to do so, first for having no reason to kill him, and second for having no challenge, something what a Rattataki is always looking for, made him be seen as weakling in his masters' eyes. The man in question, was protected by a Jedi Master who witnessed the apprentice turning against his own master, and the Jedi joined Oyo to defeat him. The Jedi sensing the dark side having not completely taken a hold of Oyo, offered him to come before the jedi council. Oyo accepted and that was the point where Oyo's new life began. But even with the Jedi's support, he still was a Rattataki Sith, and the council did not trust him. He was turned down to become Jedi. Seeking a new purpose, Oyo became a soldier in the Republic Army. His knowledge of the sith and the empire, he gained during his life, was well used for battles against them. He became a war hero, but the medal he earned was not enough for the people who know how a Rattataki lives. His efforts were not recognized by people he thought it would. While fighting many missions for the Republic, Oyo, despite of using trooper weapons, also relayed on the Force, and eventually, the dark side within him was suppressed. Seeing this unexpected change, the jedi council decided to reconsider their earlier decision and offer him training in the Jedi ways, because he was able to suppres the dark side on his own. Oyo accepted their offer but due to his nature, did not totally agree with the Jedi Code. This did not, however, effect his skill in training but only his progress in the ranks of the Jedi Order. At the age of 30, he was still ranked as a padawan. For the test of Jedi Knight, the council decided to send him on a mission, on Korriban, to face the dark side once more, and defeat it. Oyo accepted the mission, but since he landed on Korriban, he was forever lost to the Jedi, and nobody knows what happened to him.
Personal comment: This character's fate can be discovered during RP.
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Oyo Application
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