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PostSubject: STATUS EFFECT   Thu 29 Dec - 22:18


In role-playing games, a status effect is a temporary modification to a game character’s original set of stats that usually comes into play when special powers and abilities are used, often during combat. The term status effect can be applied both to changes that provide a character an advantage (increased attributes, defensive barriers, regeneration), and those that hinder the character (decreased attributes, incapacitation, degeneration). Beneficial effects are referred to as buffs, and hindering effects are called debuffs.


Burn: Triggers usually on failed reflex save, does damage over time, reduces armor damage reduction by 25%, and increases cold damage inflicted to burning target by 25%. Immune to Freeze effect.
Heat: Makes next burning effect irresistible and immune to chill status. Suffers 25% more cold damage.
Frozen: Triggers usually on failed fortitude save, freezes target in place preventing it from acting, increases melee damage against frozen target by 25%.
Chill: Reduces attack -25% and damage -25% dealt by chilled target, slows movement speed by half. Immune to heat status. Suffers 25% more fire damage.
Bio: Triggers usually on failed fortitude save, does damage over time directly to health, ignoring armor and shield. Bio damage can come from many forms like gas or poison of many kind.
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