star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: DICE ROLL   Tue 27 Dec - 12:11

To roll the dice, a member must post a message (not a quick-reply). Right below the "Send" button, there is the list of all available dices (see screenshot). You must choose which one to roll, and choose how many times you want to roll it (default is "1"). In addition of your own post, the dice bot account will automatically post a message with the results of your dices roll. Notice: You can't roll a dice while creating a new subject or editing a message. The dices options won't appear in this cases.

Example: Your character is a Medic and he will use Medicine tech power rank 2 to heal a targets. After you write a Role Play content, you will write your Action content, and then roll dice for your actions. On the screenshot we selected Action Medicine Rank 2, which is according to tech power description, 1-10, thus we selected option d10. We typed number 2 in Dice rolls mini box, as there are 2 targets to affect, Jimmy and Jana. That means that d10 will be rolled twice when you click Send.

1 vs 20
If you roll 1 it is automatic failure (target has no need to counter).
If you roll 20 it is automatic success (unless target counters it with 20 as well).
If you roll 20 and target rolls 20 in counter, character sheet decides winner.

During your turn you can use move action to move on the field by 3 fields or less, you decide. The number of fields can increase or decrease based on the environment and your character sheet. If you decide to not use Standard Action in the current turn, you are allowed to use 1 more Move Action. The Offensive Action ca be replaced with a Move Action, but Move Action cannot be replaced with an Offensive Action.

A standard action allows you to do something, most commonly make an attack or cast a spell
Character can use 1 attack per round with each weapon in its hands.
Base Attack Bonus (BAB) is gained with class levels and it differs between classes.
Main Hand Attack uses its BAB + character sheet + d20.
Dual Wield: Main Hand Attack uses its BAB-5 + character sheet + d20, Off Hand -10.
For every 5 points in BAB you gain extra attack against same target in that turn.
Every next attack is 5 points lower than previously attack.
Example your BAB is 5. Your Main Hand attack is 0/-5. Your Off Hand attack is -5/-10.
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