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PostSubject: DISK LIGHTSABER   Tue 27 Dec - 11:56


Damage Type: 1d20 Plasma Energy
Critical: 18-20 (x4)
Size: Big
Quality: Ignores Armor DR, +3 defense vs bolts
Reach: 3 targets next to user
Upgrade Slot: Color Crystal
Use: Attack and Defense skills

On first look disk lightsaber mostly reminds on staff lightsaber. However, the weapon featured a ringed emitter which could partially detach from the cylindrical handgrip in the center, allowing the twin blades to rotate rapidly without effort from the wielder. This weapon is rarely seen and is considered exotic. Those who do not have decent practice with staff lightsaber (weapon focus rank 3 is a requirement), should not even dare to use disk lightsaber.

The handgrip could be removed entirely from the ring-shaped emitter, allowing the Force-imbued circlet of metal to be used as a throwing disc. Additionally, disk lightsaber can be used as a lightsaber or twin lightsaber if split from the disk construction, which is a free action and requires no turn. However, asembling the weapon back to its original form of a lightsaber disk requires full action and turn.
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