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PostSubject: ASSAULT CANNON   Tue 27 Dec - 11:43


Damage Type: 1d20 Energy (Bolts) or 1d15 Physical Bludgeon (1 meter/hex)
Critical: 18-20 (x2)
Range: 1-50 meters/hex
Area of Effect: 4x2 Squares
Penalty if not in range: -5 to attack, -50% to damage
Size: Big (Requires 16 Strength to use)
Use: Attack skills

The assault cannon was a fully-automatic weapon used by the Phase II Dark troopers. It was a modified Imperial Repeater Rifle weapon. 1.2 meters long, the wide body had two barrels with two triggers. The first trigger fired a deadly blue-white plasma shot (maximum capacity 400) at an approximate rate of 540 RPM, the second firing compact, dumb-fire missiles (20). Blasts from this weapon were extremely lethal, capable of punching through body armor and killing soldiers in a single shot. Only soldiers equipped with a Personal energy shield could hope to stand a chance against a trooper equipped with this deadly weapon. Some assault cannon fire single beams with devastating energy damage, that can breach even walls inside starship.
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