star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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Force drain referred to a spectrum of offensive and defensive Force powers, tied to the same concept, which used the dark side of the Force to tap into the strengths of an organic target. Mastery of each technique could scale the area of effect, sometimes dramatically, or exhaust the victims almost instantaneously. Force drain can purge negative effects from the force power origin on critical roll of Use the Force skill.

Power Alignment: Dark
Damage Type: Force Dark Energy
Counter: Fortitude 1/2, Force Heal, DC of negative effect, Tutaminis

Rank 1:
DPS: 5+ Wis Mod, Critical Hit 20-20 (x2), 1 Target
HP that heals you: DPS/2

Rank 1:
DPS: 10+ Wis Mod, Critical Hit 20-20 (x2), 2 Target
HP that heals you: DPS/2

Rank 3:
DPS: 15+ Wis Mod, Critical Hit 20-20 (x2), 3 Target
HP that heals you: DPS/2

Rank 4:
Evolution A: Critical Chance +1 (19-20)
Evolution B: Vampire

Rank 5:
Evolution A: Critical Multiplier +1 (x3), Force Cure
Evolution B: HP healed equal to full DPS
Evolution C: Force Essence

Vampire perk allows you to lock a single target into the spot. Target must fail on fortitude save to be subject to Vampire perk. If the victim fails fortitude save, the user of Force Drain can keep sucking life out of the victim every round until the Vampire stops or until the Victim wins a fortitude save, which it rolls every turn. Locked target by Vampire force drain is unable to perform any action. If the target is killed with Vampire Force Drain (and not with any other dps), the killer gains immunity to critical hits and sneak attack, as well as bonus to damage of all dark side powers by 25% in the current damage. Note that during the feeding, you are subject to sneak attack. Victim can break from lock by wining a fortitude save, or if Force Heal counters Force Drain, or if user of Force Drain suffers damage of 20 points during the feeding. User of Force Drain can abort Vampire feeding in every turn after everyone finishes their actions.

Health Points healed is equal to the full damage done with force drain. Without this perk it can heal only half health points of the full damage done with force drain.

Force Essence allows you to channel healing effect of force drain into your allies, healing them. This healing equals to the 50% of the DPS you have done to your organic enemies. You decide how to split the healing points across your allies. Force Drain works on organic targets only. Force Drain can remove Force Buffs from targets at the cost of not dealing damage. Number of the buffs removed is equal to number of the targets you can drain from. Every removed buff of the Force origin gives you 15 heal points. This effect does not work against passive effects such are Force Focus.

Force Drain: Force abilities such as drain life and dark healing, siphoned vitality to sometimes offer an equivalent effect of Force healing, the difference being that the regenerative processes in the user was fueled draining the targets. Other techniques like Drain Force rekindled Force energy in the user, offensively draining the Force energy from those whom the power was turned upon.
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