star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: FORCE PROJECTION   FORCE PROJECTION EmptyTue 27 Dec - 11:32


You manipulate weak minds, and those who fail will save will see the two of you, the real you and your projection. NPCs will keep attacking the projection until its destroyed. In PvP affected player can attack any of the two. Those who success on will save will not be affected by Force Projection.Projection only mimics you on battle field but it does not attack back. However, projection at rank 3 clones all your abilities and is able to attack back, it will takes place in the active combat and have its own turns on the battle field. Droids are immune to this power. Only organic targets are affected. Force Projection can be removed with Force Heal from the affected targets. Another Force Projection can be used only when current one is no longer in effect.

Power Alignment: Light
Damage Type: Mental
Counter: Will, Force Immunity, Force Heal, Scanner, Force Sense

Rank 1:
Projection 10HP

Rank 2:
Projection 20HP

Rank 3:
Projection 30HP, Self Clone

Rank 4:
Evolution A: Clone Gains +10HP
Evolution B: +1 Target

Rank 5:
Evolution A: Clone Gains +10HP
Evolution B: +1 Target
Evolution C: Projection triggers even on failed will save, but has 50% less effect and duration

At Rank 3 this Force power places your Clone in active turns. The clone will have HP depending on your power evolution. Everything else from your character sheet that can damage your foes is copied on the clone. This damage is mental. Clone cannot heal you or affect anyone else in any way. It only affects the affected target. The number of targets that your Clone can affect is increased with Evolution B. The number of Clones that you can "summon" to affect your target's is increased by Evolution C. All damage and healing done by force projection are reduced by 50% from the original (reduced by 75% in case of Rank5C)

Force Projection: This is a mysterious Jedi ability, and was possibly a variation of Force illusion. It was a technique with which a Force user could create an inanimate apparition similar to themselves to distract, confuse or lure enemies. Perhaps not strictly a mind-trick, the projected image was fully capable of intercepting incoming fire, and was visible to all around it, not just a selected target.
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