star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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A Jedi Sentinel was the name given to one of the three distinct branches of Jedi that sought a balance between the other two branches, the Consulars and the Guardians. While they possessed considerable combat skills and had somewhat extensive knowledge of the Force, Sentinels blended both schools of teaching and amplified them with a series of non-Force skills, such as in the fields of security, computers, stealth techniques, demolitions, repair or medicine. These skills tended to take the forefront in their middle-road approach to problems; while a Guardian might bash down a locked door and a Consular simply knock, a Sentinel would instead use equipment available or ingenuity to pick the lock.

While studying all of the traditional techniques and abilities that made the Jedi who they were, the Sentinels of the Order found their isolation in the Jedi Temple to be a hindrance if they were expected to be able to work with the civilians of the galaxy. While adherents to the Force and all that it could do, Sentinels were not blinded by faith and realized that the mystical energy field did have its limitations. Typically opting for missions requiring them to stay in a single place for long periods of time, the Sentinels would take on assignments not suited to the other Jedi branches.


Hit Points Per Level: 10
Base Attack Bonus: Medium
High Saves: Reflex
Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber, Short Lightsaber, Sword, Short Sword, Pistol
Armor Proficiency: Light Armor, Medium Armor
Force Points Progression: Medium
Feat Points Progression: Medium
Tech Points Progression: Medium
Skill Points: 6 per level
Class Skills: Aim, Awareness, Computers, Defense, Demolitions, Mechanics, Medicine, Persuade, Piloting, Stealth, Survival, Taunt, Use the Force


Level 1: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Force Immunity Rank 1
Level 2: Feat+1, BAB+1 Reflex+1
Level 3: Force+1, Reflex+1
Level 4: Tech+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 5: Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Force Immunity Rank 2
Level 6: Feat+1, Reflex+1
Level 7: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 8: Tech+1, Reflex+1
Level 9: Feat+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 10: Jedi Sentinel Evolution Rank 1, Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Force Immunity Rank 3
Level 11: Force+1, Reflex+1
Level 12: Tech+1, BAB+1 Reflex+1
Level 13: Feat+1, Reflex+1
Level 14: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 15: Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Force Immunity Rank 4
Level 16: Tech+1, Reflex+1
Level 17: Feat+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 18: Force+1, Reflex+1
Level 19: Tech+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 20: Jedi Sentinel Evolution Rank 2, Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Force Immunity Rank 5
Level 21: Feat+1, Reflex+1
Level 22: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 23: Tech+1, Reflex+1
Level 24: Feat+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 25: Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 26: Force+1, Reflex+1
Level 27: Tech+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 28: Feat+1, Reflex+1
Level 29: Force+1, BAB+1, Reflex+1
Level 30: Jedi Sentinel Evolution Rank 3, Feat+1, Force+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1

LIGHTSABER FORM IV: Ataru - At level 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, Jedi Sentinel gains Ataru feats as a class free feature, even if he does not meet requirement. Additionally, Ataru learned through this class itself is more efficient than Ataru outside of this class. Additional class specific bonuses are next:
1) +1 Saber Attack Roll per rank in Ataru Form
2) +1 Meter range per rank in Ataru Form when Targeting an Enemy
3) +1 Critical Chance every even rank in Ataru (Single Handed Melee Weapons only)

Jedi Sentinel Evolution - At level 10, 20, 30, Jedi Sentinel is strong enough to evolve into a new stage. At those levels Jedi Sentinel can select one of the 3 evolution perks. In which order Jedi Sentinel is going to select them is up to the player, but can select only one at the time. You can have 1 evolution perk at level 10, 2 evolution perks at level 20, and 3 evolution perks at level 30. Jedi Sentinel loses all evolution perks if he does not have light side alignment.

(PERK A) FORCE INSPIRATION: Jedi Sentinel uses light side of the force to inspire self and up to three allies. Under the effect of inspiration, all affected targets gain +1 move action and +1 standard action for number of rounds equal to Jedi Sentinel class level.

(PERK B) FORCE IMMUNITY: Jedi Sentinel becomes immune to effects caused by Force Powers. Effects included are: stun, fear, knockdown, stats debuff, mind/mental effects. When hit by a Force Power aligned with the dark side, if Jedi Sentinel takes damage, that damage is halved.

(PERK C) FORCE HEALING STRIKE: Jedi Sentinel, when delivering a critical hit, converts half damage dealt into healing energy, that is equally divided between allies. Each healed ally and the Jedi Sentinel himself is additionally healed for Jedi Sentinel's wisdom modifier.
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