star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: GREETINGS and RULES   Wed 7 Dec - 18:38


Welcome to Role-Play team of the game Star Wars the Old Republic. Our server is The Star Forge US RP. Before we continue there are some basic abbreviations that every Role Player should be familiar with.

RP - Role Play
PvP - Player versus Player
PvE - Player versus Environment
IC - In Character
OOC - Out of Character
GM - Game Master


   This rule is simple, be OOCly friendly to others. Remember that people can RP evil characters and be very harsh ICly, insult your character and do evil stuff. But remember that is part of RPing, and that their characters are not the players. We are not going to teach you how to OOCly behave, it is expected from you to know how to behave, or you will be banned.


   While we do not avoid PvE and PvP, RP is the main goal on this forum. You are expected to not only speak/post IC but in a way that befits Star Wars Universe setting.
   You must role play what is on your character sheet. This includes stats, skills, and classes. In other meaning don't RP what your character cannot do.
   In general, relations should be kept appropriate with the culture and nature of Star Wars universe. Some races are different than others. Some suit more to Republic needs, some more to Empire, and some can easily blend in each side. This does not mean you cannot play Jed Knight with Sith Pureblood race or Sith Warrior with a Mirialan, but for example a Sith Pureblood would need harder and more difficult time to earn trust within a Jedi Order. Strong relationships between opposite races should be very rare.
   Forum RP Format: When RPing on these forums, quote and bold said words by your characters for easier reading and making easy difference from emote and actions. You can also color your character's quotes with a color you desire.
  For PvE and PvP focus in the game itself please visit us at


   The simple definition of Metagaming is the use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one's in-game decisions. Metagaming is strictly forbidden and is a punishable offense. Metagaming can include:
   -Acting differently due to OOCly knowing that a person is higher level than you.
   -Acting differently due to being PvP flaged
   -Ignoring NPC guards.
   -Using knowledge that your character should not know ICly.
   -Telling through a disguise of a person because of OOCly seeing the name above person's head.
   -Acting differently ICly because you know you are being spied on OOCly.
   Godmodding is also forbidden. This can include:
   -Deciding consequences without appropriate rp.
   -Deciding the actions of an NPC or group of NPCs without a GM's approval.
   -Emoting/Rping an action/actions that are impossible to defend against.
   -Emoting/RPing how the other character is affected by an action, thus leaving the player unable to rp his/her own character. (i.e. *Fred swings his axe at Jim's hand, cutting it off completely*)


   Your account username is your character name. Names should not be famous or from pop culture (don't name your characters like Arnold schwarzenegger or Madonna Louise Ciccone). Names that are adjectives or nouns can sometimes ruin immersion as well. Please choose something that is fitting for a Star Wars or a sci fi setting. You may name your character with a nickname during character creation. Please make sure your forum avatar is avatar of your character for easier RP.


   You are here to share your Star Wars story with us, and we are here to do same with you.
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