star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: LAVANIA's FAVOR   Wed 16 May - 18:07


When sylphe dreams within their tree, they do not age, as long their tree is unharmed, they are immortal. Those that spend sleeping longer than the natural lifespan of the sylphe transcend to the next level of their specie's evolution and are revered as elders and guides in the sylphe tribes. Although rare, the time they spent as nature itself teaches them to access the living force that many force users would fail to comprehend. The only known sylphe of that stage is Lavania, who has spent four thousand years asleep in multiple cycles and three hundred and twelve years awake. Lavania's mission is to seek the lost sylphes in the galaxy and reveal their true nature and capabilities. Her last station was Dathomir, where she ended up trapped by the dark magic of the witches, until all her dream orbs of light side energy are collected either by Lindrala or Aspen. For some reason, the presence of Lindrala's force signature is also capable of awakening sylphe's from their dreams. If all five orbs are collected, Aspen can, regardless of the class, learn Plant Surge by investing any resource point available to him, be that tech, feat, or force point.

Ability: Plot

Rank 1
Requirement Aspen: +1 Lavania's Orb
Benefit: Aspen may conjure Flower Turret as a full round action that holds all properties of the plant. The Health Points equal Aspen Character Level timed by 5 and is static. Flower Turret has it's own turn using Aspen's commands to use abilities. As standard action the Flower Turret may fire healing seed, that explodes with healing energy within 5 square radius. Amount of healing done to all organics in the area equals Aspen Character Level timed by 10.

Rank 2
Requirement Aspen: +1 Lavania's Orb
Benefit: ???

Rank 3
Requirement Aspen: +1 Lavania's Orb
Benefit: ???

Rank 4
Requirement Aspen: +1 Lavania's Orb
Benefit: ???

Rank 5
Requirement Aspen: +1 Lavania's Orb
Benefit: ???
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