star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: MODS   Tue 26 Dec - 13:28


Modules or in short, Mods are essentially the upgrade system to enhance damage, power, survivability and more. Upgrading weapons require demolition skill while upgrading armors require medicine skill. Every mod has 1|5 ranks that you can upgrade up to 5|5 with credits cost and base skill requirement.

Rank 1|5 100 credits Base Skill Rank 5
Rank 2|5 200 credits Base Skill Rank 10
Rank 3|5 300 credits Base Skill Rank 15
Rank 4|5 400 credits Base Skill Rank 20
Rank 5|5 500 credits Base Skill Rank 25

Damage Mods (Guns)
Mods that increase gun weapon damage for each rank:
Rank1: +10% Bonus Damage
Rank2: +15% Bonus Damage
Rank3: +20% Bonus Damage
Rank4: +25% Bonus Damage
Rank5: +30% Bonus Damage

Fanged Fusillade: Bonus Slash Damage
Piercing Caliber: Bonus Piercing Damage
Comet Rounds: Bonus Bludgeoning Damage
Incendiary Rounds: Bonus Fire Damage
Cryo Rounds: Bonus Cold Damage
High Voltage: Bonus Eletrcity Damage
Infected Clip: Bonus Toxin Damage
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