star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: FORCE BOND   Sun 17 Dec - 20:40


Common to occur between Jedi Masters and their apprentices, a Force bond, also known as Force chain or Jedi kinship, was a link through which two Force-sensitives could influence each other. It allowed the communication of feelings, thoughts and images across distances and granted greater coordination in battle. Through such connections the Force easily flowed, sometimes allowing one's will to bolster the strengths of the other, or possibly to draw upon their strengths. The force bond gets stronger as the relationship between Lindrala and Aya.

Ability: Plot

Rank 1
Requirement: Aya Influence Rank 20
Benefit: Lindrala and Aya share the known Force Powers within Rank 1
Lindrala gains + 1 Will Save, +1 Force DC

Rank 2
Requirement: Aya Influence Rank 40
Benefit: ???

Rank 3
Requirement: Aya Influence Rank 60
Benefit: ???

Rank 4
Requirement: Aya Influence Rank 80
Benefit: ???

Rank 5
Requirement: Aya Influence Rank 100
Benefit: ???
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