star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: FORCE AFFINITY   FORCE AFFINITY EmptyFri 24 Nov - 19:44


Force Affinity: Affinity was the ideal form for a Jedi who was required to maintain a steady focus on the Force. It allowed the Jedi to rest in his or her connection in even the fiercest fight, in a manner that would normally be available only in peaceful meditation and away from distractions. This was an endurance form for the Jedi; one could remain guarded while an enemy expended energy and eventually tired. For this reason, it was most effectively used in alternating cycles with other Force forms, with the Jedi recovering strength before launching a counterattack against a weary opponent.

Gameplay: The effect of Force Affinity increases the efficiency of force powers, allowing the force power to trigger again in the same turn with the original effect. The user must roll d100 and reach 100 or higher for effect to trigger again. The chance percentage stack with each other. If user has Force Affinity Rank 3 and the roll is d100=80, then its 80+120%=200%. The Force Power will in this case trigger 2 additional times.

Use: Free Action

Force Affinity 1:
+20% Chance

Force Affinity 2:
+40% Chance

Force Affinity 3:
+60% Chance

Force Affinity 4:
+80% Chance

Force Affinity 5:
+100% Chance
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