star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: FORCE DYAD   Fri 24 Nov - 18:13


Wielding two force powers, one in main and other in off hand results in penalties to difficulty check bonus. This feat reduces the penalty as you increase rank, to the point where penalty is removed. Your both hands must be empty to gain benefit of force dyad, which means you cannot use defense counter. Eligible Force Powers: Force TK, Force Lighting, Force Choke, Force Crush, Plant Surge, Force Drain, Force Harm, Force Heal.
Main Hand: -5
Off Hand: -10

Feat: Universal
Damage Type: NA
Counter: NA

Rank 1:
Main Hand: -4
Off Hand: -8

Rank 2:
Main Hand: -3
Off Hand: -6

Rank 3:
Main Hand: -2
Off Hand: -4

Rank 4:
Main Hand: -1
Off Hand: -2

Rank 5:
Main Hand: 0
Off Hand: 0

Base Wisdom Requirements
Rank1: WIS 12
Rank2: WIS 14
Rank3: WIS 16
Rank4: WIS 18
Rank5: WIS 20

Force Dyad: You may use a force power in off hand in same turn as you use a main hand force power.
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