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PostSubject: PHARMACEUTICAL COCKTAIL   Sat 29 Jul - 15:00


Medicine is a skill to heal. Knowing how to heal is knowing how to hurt. And spreading diseases is one of dangerous and evil acts. Chemists worked on formulas that work in specific situation, each capable infecting victim with a disease that lowers target's attribute score. There are six known Pharmaceutical cocktail attacks. And each of them can be ranked up individually.
1. Muscle Strain (Damages Strength)
2. Twitch Fever (Damages Dexterity)
3. Red Virus (Damages Constitution)
4. Drunk Brain (Damages Intelligence)
5. Cackle Fever (Damages Wisdom)
6. Pox (Damages Charisma)

Ability: Tech
Damage Type: Biological
CTI: Bio Cyber-Tech-Interface
Range: 5m
Save: Fortitude Negates
Counter: Medicine, Force Heal Rank4B

Rank 1:
Attribute Damage: 2
Critical Hit 20-20 (x2)

Rank 2:
Attribute Damage: 4
Critical Hit 20-20 (x2)

Rank 3:
Attribute Damage: 6
Critical Hit 20-20 (x2)

Rank 4:
Attribute Damage: 8
Evolution A: Critical Hit +1
Evolution B: +2 Attribute Damage

Rank 5:
Attribute Damage: 10
Evolution A: Critical Multiplier +1
Evolution B: +2 DC
Evolution C: +1 Radius

This tech power is used as a bio weapon against organic creatures, it is frowned upon it. CTI used to deploy it is illegal in many communities and may trigger hostility by locals.
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