star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: FORCE HARM   FORCE HARM EmptySat 29 Jul - 6:14


Force harm is a power that used the Force to conjure Force Dark Energy to harm the living. Force heal does not work on droids. Force harm conjures death energy, all undead creatures can be healed by it.

Power Alignment: Dark
Damage Type: Force Dark Energy
Save: Will/2
Counter: NA

Rank 1:
HP: 5+Wis Mod, Critical Harm 20-20 (x2), 1 Conjuration

Rank 2:
HP: 10+Wis Mod, Critical Harm 20-20 (x2), 2 Conjurations

Rank 3:
HP: 15+Wis Mod, Critical Harm 20-20 (x2), 3 Conjurations

Rank 4:
Conjuration harm damage is increased by 25%
Evolution A: Critical Chance +1
Evolution B: Force Injury

Rank 5:
Can down an organic target once in battle on failed fortitude
Evolution A: Critical Multiplier +1
Evolution B: Degeneration
Evolution C: Well of Death

Downing an organic target means that harmer can bring down enemy to 0% hp. This perk can apply once per battle and user must specify it in advance. Bosses are immune to this effect but will receive a maximum damage instead.

Force Injury: This perk damages target's Strength, Constitution or Dexterity. Damage equals caster's wisdom modifier and it does not stack with itself on a same attribute.

Degeneration allows conjuration to thick 5 harming on the target every round after initial round. The duration of degeneration is number of rounds that equals caster's wisdom modifier.

Well of death grants each conjuration a +1 radius. Warning: some difficulties have friendly fire on. Well of death can harm allies.

Force Harm: Force harm was a Force power that reduced the target's health. It was a dark side power that affected living force, taking its life away. Force Harm is not unheard of but rarely seen.
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