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Doctor (abbreviated as Dr.) was a title granted to individuals who held an advanced degree in a medical or scientific field. They were generally considered an expert on a specific subject of study. Medical doctors examine, diagnose and treat patients. They can specialize in a number of medical areas, such as pediatrics, anesthesiology or cardiology, or they can work as general practice physicians. Becoming a medical doctor requires earning a doctoral degree in medicine and participating in clinical rotations. It's also common for medical school graduates to enroll in a residency program to study a specialty. Medical doctors need state licensure, and certification may also be required for some specialists. A medical doctor treats and cares for patient's health. The job requires a medical degree and a state license to practice medicine

Medical doctors diagnose patient conditions using examinations and tests. Based on their findings, they prescribe treatment and medications to attempt to heal any illnesses or injuries. General practitioners and pediatricians have a wide range of medical knowledge, and they are often the first types of doctors who patients visit. Most doctors routinely work in teams, with nurses and aides assisting them in well-lit work locations. Doctors may work long and unpredictable hours dictated by the needs of their patients. Additionally, doctors may need to travel amongst various locations, such as offices, hospitals and clinics, in order to provide patient care. Doctors who practice in healthcare organizations or groups have less work independence but may obtain more time off as a result of patient coverage. As needed, medical doctors might refer patients to specialists who focus on specific medical areas, such as anesthesiology, cardiology, psychology and internal medicine. Specialists are experts in their field and complete additional residency training, and become board certified in their specialty.


Hit Points Per Level: 5
Base Attack Bonus: Low
High Saves: Will, Reflex
Weapon Proficiency: None
Armor Proficiency: Light Armor
Force Points Progression: None
Feat Points Progression: Medium
Tech Points Progression: Medium
Skill Points: 5 per level
Class Skills: Apprise, Archaeology, Awareness, Computers, Medicine, Perform, Persuade, Survival, Xenology


Level 1: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Aid Rank 1
Level 2: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 3: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 4: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 5: Feat+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Aid Rank 2
Level 6: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 7: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 8: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 9: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 10: Doctor Evolution rank 1, Feat+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Aid Rank 3
Level 11: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 12: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 13: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 14: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 15: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Aid Rank 4
Level 16: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 17: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 18: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 19: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 20: Doctor Evolution Rank 2, Feat+1, Tech+1, BAB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1, Aid Rank 5
Level 21: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 22: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 23: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 24: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 25: Feat+1, Tech+1, AB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 26: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 27: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 28: Tech+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 29: Feat+1, Reflex+1, Will+1
Level 30: Doctor Evolution Rank 3, Feat+1, Tech+1, AB+1, Fortitude+1, Reflex+1, Will+1

AID - At level 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, Doctor gains Aid as a class free feature, and can be leveled only with levels of Doctor class.

Rank 1: First Aid
Allies of Doctor who fall in combat at 0hp or bellow are not removed from the battle. Instead they entered in downed state, and are allowed to use a move action of 1 square every their turn. They remain in this state until they receive any damage, in which case they are defeated. During downed state the subject may not be healed, but doctor may approach them within touch range, and revive them back to 10% of their max hp.

Rank 2: Injector Proficiency
Doctor is extra efficient with Med Injector and may adds his or her medicine's total skill rank as a bonus to healing power when using injector. Additionally, with every level of doctor, injector gains +5 healing power.

Rank 3: Hand of Life
Doctor can now revive fallen allies, even if they are no longer in downed state. There is no limit on how many times Doctor can revive, but Doctor must do so within the 3 rounds of ally falling, or it will be too late. Hand of Life revives ally back to 50% of maximum health and require physical contact with Doctor.

Rank 4: Adrenaline Boost 1
Med Injector gains +1 to critical chance and +1 to critical multiplier. Each time ally receives a shot from injector, the ally gains +1 move action one time use, boosted with adrenaline dose. Adrenaline boost will not stack with itself.
Evolution A: Adrenaline Boost grants immunity to slow effects
Evolution B: Adrenaline Boost grants +5 to Reflex

Rank 5: Adrenaline Boost 2
Med Injector gains +1 to critical chance and +1 to critical multiplier. Each time ally receives a shot from injector, the ally gains +1 standard action one time use, boosted with adrenaline dose. Adrenaline dose will not stack with itself but it does include effect of Adrenaline Boost 1.
Evolution A: Adrenaline Boost grants immunity to mind effects
Evolution B: Adrenaline Boost grants +5 to Fortitude
Evolution C: Injector continues to heal 3 rounds after initial shoot, each thick is 50%

Doctor Evolution - At level 10, 20, 30, Doctor is strong enough to evolve into a new stage. At those levels Doctor can select one of the 3 evolution perks. In which order Doctor is going to select them is up to the player, but can select only one at the time. You can have 1 evolution perk at level 10, 2 evolution perks at level 20, and 3 evolution perks at level 30.

(PERK A) HEALTH CARE: Some difficulty modes enforce fallen players to skip an episode or a missing for the sake of recovery. If they are under Doctor's health care, they may ignore the difficulty rule, and recover faster, continuing next mission without skipping. Additionally, injector's healing power is increased by 100%. Doctors that take this oath lose points whenever they kill (instead to gain by default), for determination favorite player character in an episode.

(PERK B) BLOOD DOC: Not all doctors care for preserving life. Some are there to be vampires in white. Blood Doc can use injector to collect blood from enemy for analysis and then use it to grant self or ally some of the same abilities that owner of this blood poses. This requires a standard action in melee range to collect. Next round Doctor may apply dose of this blood, which will last 1 round every 5 levels of Doctor's class. Abilities given may include feat and force powers of same effect level as the victim's.

(PERK C) SCIENTIST: The "all knowing about everything" perk buffs Doctor's xenology and medicine skill by 5 points, and +4 to intelligence. Additionally, all enemies of Doctor and his allies are treated with 75% hp, for Scientist knows where strengths and weaknesses are, the anatomy of all creatures, and those they first time met are analyzed on first sight. Against bosses this debuff is weaker, but it still reduces hp by 10%, which helps against enrage timer.
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