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PostSubject: DAMAGE   Fri 21 Jul - 15:07


Every Damage done has a type, which depends on the weapon you use, ability or power you apply. Some attacks can do multiple damage types. Some attacks can combine damage types. Certain damage types are more effective against certain targets.

Physical Damage

Kinetic Damage is a "typeless" damage, that gains no bonuses or penalties against any target. It is most related to physical damage. Kinetic Damage comes from using Force Powers and cannot bypass anything. However, Kinetic Damage comes from a motion of an object or a force power, which can result in changing the position of targets.

Slashing damage is physical damage caused by weapons such as axe blades, longswords etc. Many undead are resistant to slashing damage. Slash damage is extra effective against flesh, dealing 50% more damage, while suffers penalty against machinery of -25%.

Piercing damage is physical damage caused by weapons such as spears. Spear weapons are effective against armor, dealing 50% more damage, while suffering penalty against shields of -25%.

Bludgeoning damage is physical damage caused by blunt weapons such as staves. Bludgeoning has increased damage against shields by 50%, and reduced damage against armor for -25%.

Physical Damage

Tech Damage

Elemental Damage
Fire Damage
Cold Damage
Electricity Damage
Toxin Damage
Sonic Damage

Force Damage
Light Side Energy
Dark Side Energy
Cosmic Energy

Exotic Damage
Plasma Energy
Nature Damage
Poison Damage
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