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PostSubject: PERSONAL SHIELD   Fri 21 Jul - 14:42


Shield Points: 5SP per Character Level
Off Hand item Shield Item
Regeneration: 50% every 5th round if not damaged
Cost: 500 Credits
Weakness: Specific Tech attacks, Physical Bludgeoning damage, Hammertime

Shield Use: Shield is calculated in points only (Shield Points SP), and is seen as "bonus health/hit points" that must be destroyed before target can receive damage on health. Shields come as hand devices and require active hand to use. If character is hit, they will take damage on shield first. Shield will protect you from all damage except Dark Energy damage and Light Energy damage. Users skilled in armor can install their shields on the armor, which makes their off hand free.

A personal energy shield was a defensive technology that projected a field of energy that protected the user from blaster fire, the elements, or other hazards. Most were small enough to be worn on a belt or arm, or were designed to be held much like a traditional physical shield. When activated, the device protected the wearer with a glowing energy field. Typically, the standard energy shield was only effective against energy attacks, such as blaster bolts. However, other variants created by the Mandalorians and Echani could block melee attacks, while other shields developed by the Arkanians and Verpine, and other cultures, were capable of resisting a variety of different attacks, including electrical, kinetic, cold, heat, and sonic damage.

As with most deflector systems, shields required large amounts of energy in the form of energy cells or a portable generator. Some models featured rechargeable energy cells. While the generator provided the most efficiency, it was larger and bulkier. The power requirements meant that shields tended to be used only when combat was expected.

Another feature of personal shields was ablation, that is, the shield weakened as it absorbed damage until it either was deactivated, failed, or recharged. As the shields absorbed energy, they tended to become extremely hot. Due to the limitations of personal deflector shields, they were usually used in tandem with other forms of protection.
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