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 Tale of Nightingales

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PostSubject: Tale of Nightingales   Wed 19 Jul - 18:33

Broken Sisters
The Path to Exile

The rain came crashing down all around as doors to the landing platform slid open. Lightning erupted through the sky as Lindrala made her way through the doors lightsaber in hand as a figure hooded and cloaked in black stood in the middle of the platform waiting.
As Lindrala walked closer she activated her magenta lightsaber and stopped several meters away from her.
"Sister, it is over, the Emperor has betrayed you and now there is no where left for you to run... Surrender now and come back with me, there is still time to undo what has been done, we... I can still save you." The hooded figure slowly pulled down her hood revealing her long dark hair, she turned to face Lindrala.
"The Emperor may have abandoned me, but you are wrong... what I have done, what I have become, there is no turning back." Sparks of lightning suddenly flicker in her hands. "The Jedi were warned of the coming storm and now it is too late." Mileetra's eyes start to glow purple as she ignites her lightsaber. "I am the storm!"
Lightning sparks and erupts all her over as she channels the dark energy into her lightsaber, the purple flickers of energy spark all around her as the crystal in her weapon begins to channel and glow.
Lindrala enters a soresu stance gripping her lightsaber tightly. "Mileetra... What have you become?" she paused for a moment. "I shall do what I must."
Mileetra still glowing from the energy that was channelling all around her smirked. In an immense display of speed she was on Lindrala within a flash as the purple and magenta lightsaber collided.
Mileetra's speed was so immense that Lindrala had to completely give herself to the force to parry against her attacks.
The two of them locked blades at the storm raging in the sky echoed an epic eruption of thunder.
Despite her tremendous display of power Lindrala stood strong against Mileetra.
"Sister, I beg of you, let it go... your power is consuming you soon there will be nothing left!"
The two of them broke the blade lock as several more strikes were made by Mileetra and parried again, Mileetra's voice started to change as she spoke, as if the humanity left in her was slipping away.
"You don't know what begging is you self righteous fool, all your life you looked down on me, forever I suffered silently in your shadow. The mighty noble Jedi, Master Lindrala, so pure... so perfect." Mileetra pressed harder against Lin in the blade lock. "Lets see you drop that lightsaber of yours, drop to your hands and knees and show me you mean what you say!"
Lindrala pushes back against her but suddenly breaks away and back flips away from her. "If I drop this weapon you will strike me down, and though I do not fear becoming one with the force I cannot let you escape... not this time."
Mileetra suddenly raises a hand into the air as the storm seems to react, lightning strikes down from the sky into her hand, she channels it and then unleashes it at Lin.
Lindrala spins her lightsaber at the energy cast at her, her lightsaber seems to react as she re-channels the energy and dismisses it.
Mileetra looks at her in disbelief... "It seems Satele as been teaching you new tricks, I am impressed, but the light cannot save you for long... the storm shall drowned you out!"
Mileetra spins her staff saber in hand as more energy is channelled into it, suddenly she unleashes two balls of lightning straight at Lindrala.
As Lindrala moves to dismiss the energy once again Mileetra quickly sprints and leaps through the air, Lin was able to deflect one of the lightning balls but Mileetra kicked her in the back as the second lightning ball made impact.
As Lindrala is zapped by the dark side energy Mileetra delivers a powerful force push from behind sending Lindrala sliding across the floor.
Mileetra laughed and ran after Lindrala, she dragged her staff saber across the ground burning it as she ran.
Lindrala rises onto one knee as Mileetra leaps through the air she brings her blade and moves to strike her down when her lightsaber is suddenly interrupted by another blue lightsaber...

"Master Satele!" Lindrala yelled in disbelief. The Jedi Grand master did not respond, her eyes were fixed on Mileetra as her blue staff saber was locked with Mileetra's.

To be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Tale of Nightingales   Thu 20 Jul - 0:40

Broken Sisters
Part 2

Mileetra and Satele remained blade locked, Lindrala got back to her feet and re-activated her lightsaber.
Satele spoke, "I suggest you take your sisters advice and surrender now, we don't want to destroy you."
Mileetra suddenly sparkled with purple lightning over her body within a flash she moved back from Satele and released a powerful blast of energy outwards in the form of force repulse.
The blast knocked Lindrala flying backwards but Satele was able to absorb most of the energy, she was still pushed back slightly but managed to stay on her feet.
"For one who claims to be the Emperor's deadliest weapon it would seem you still have much to learn."
A look of annoyance came on Mileetra's face, quickly she sprinted at Satele spinning her staff saber and struck at the Jedi Grand master.
Lindrala again jumped back to her feet, she ran to the aid of Satele.
Lindrala and Satele both struck at Mileetra together but her superior speed allowed her to defend from the attacks.

The fight raged on as the storm intensified around the three combatants, suddenly caught in another blade lock again Mileetra quickly kneed Satele in the stomach then back handed her across the face. Satele jumped back and sent a force push at Mileetra.
Mileetra rolled out of the way, she quickly blade locked with Lindrala.
The pair were done with words, nothing further was said.
Satele rushed Mileetra, she broke away from the blade lock with Lin, she flipped over her and fired more balls of lightning at both Lin and Satele.
Both Jedi masters were able to defend from the attack.

"Your powers will not save you in this fight, there is nothing you can do that we cannot defend against."
Mileetra smirked. "Oh we shall see about that... Master, I have not even begun to play yet." Mileetra suddenly deactivated her staff saber and raised both her hands into the air, suddenly chain lightning from the clouds came down channeling into her.
The power erupted around her as Lindrala and Satele watched in awe.
Mileetra channeled all her power in a huge chain lightning blast. "You see now Satele, even your teachings will not save you!" Mileetra unleashed her energy as the lightning smashed into Satele.
Satele raised her hands and began trying to shield herself with Tutaminus but the power of the lightning was literally forcing both her and Lindrala back at the same time.

Lindrala watched as Satele struggled against the power of her sister, the ground trembled as the sky was alight with purple lightning. Images of the past flew into her mind of her and Mileetra as young girls playing together on Alderaan, in their once beautiful home Mileetra had torn apart.
"I can't hold her for long..." Satele yelled to Lindrala. "You know what you have to do!"
Lindrala looked at Satele and then back to Mileetra. Slowly she marched forward against the force of her sisters power. Lindrala could feel tears down her face as each step she took grew heavier and heavier.
Mileetra's let out a scream of rage as her power growing even more fearsome, her eyes glew bright purple in the night. The rain continued to smash down into the ground as Satele's tutaminus was starting to become overwhelmed.
Lin slowly got closer, and closer, soon her sister was within arms length.
"Mileetra..." She said softly. "It is time to let it go..." Lin continued to resist her sisters energy.
"Never! I shall not stop until you and her are dead!" Lindrala walked up closer to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I know... sister, and for that I am sorry."
Mileetra's cold purple eyes turned to fix on Lin, the two sisters looked each other in the eye, suddenly Lindrala activated her lightsaber and ran it through Mileetra's chest.
Suddenly her wound became filled with the dark energy as the lightning literally began to burst out of her. Mileetra let out a cry but to Lindrala the world had fallen silent. The purple lightning exploded from Mileetra knocking Lin and Satele down to the ground and the dark clouds in the sky were pushed away.
Mileetra slowly span and collapsed to the ground, her eyes returned to their normal blue color as they became lifeless.

Lindrala slowly crawled up to her sister, she cradled her head as tears ran down her face. "You were always so strong sister, you were stronger than me but you let the darkness consume your heart and I... I could not stop it, I am sorry." Lindrala closes Mileetra's eyes.
Satele slowly arose to her feet and limped over to Lindrala.
"I... I am sorry for your loss, truly I am, but we both know your sister... your real sister was consumed long ago."
Satele placed a hand on Lindrala's shoulder as Lin continued to sob.
"No..." Lin said quietly. "That was the worst part, she was still in there even to the end, I could still feel her and now I... I... feel empty."
Satele nodded. "Taking a life from the living force, it is never easy, I fear that the wounds from this battle may run deep... far deeper than just physical scars, you will carry this burden for the rest of your life, and so shall I." Satele moved her hand off from Lin's shoulder.
"I, I don't know if I can ever go back." Lindrala said slowly. "Take what time you need, as much time as it takes, when you are ready you will know and you can return." Lin looks up at Satele. "Thank you, old friend." Satele smiles at Lindrala. "You are stronger than you think you are as are we all though now whats has been done is done I must take my leave, the threat of the Emperor still remains, I have to carry on that fight, until we meet again Master Nightingale, may the force be with you."
Lindrala nodded to Satele. "May the force be with you Master."

Satele took her leave, Lin sat with Mileetra for some time until finally she took her body deep into the forest on Alderaan. She made a pyre for her sister and place her upon it.
"In this life you were my dear sister and friend and now as all things you return to the force... my sister, be at peace." Lindrala set the pyre a light and watched as the flames took to her sisters body.
"There is no death, there is only the force."

And so, there Lindrala remained for five long years. In Exile upon her homeworld recovering from her wound within her heart.
Until the day would arrive that the Jedi Oyo came in search of the once great master to now aid Satele just has Satele had aided her.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is only the force.
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PostSubject: Re: Tale of Nightingales   Fri 28 Jul - 13:14

The Hope of Alderaan

Alderaan... a planet of beauty, peace and compassion. A world of honour and tradition. When the reborn Sith Empire returned from the fringes of dark space this once peaceful world became just another battleground, torn apart by treachery and war.
As fire was raging all around the forest, explosions, blaster fire, soldiers flying through the air from both sides, two Jedi knights charged their way on to the battlefield and ignited their lightsabers.
"For Alderaan, for the Republic!" Lindrala cried as a rallying roar of soldiers from all around echoed through the trees.
Together Lindrala and Mileetra smashed head on into the imperial regiment that were pushing towards House Organa.
Mileetra span her green staff saber deflecting the blaster fire back at the Imperial soldiers killing a group of them instantly.
One of the Imperial threw a grenade at the Jedi though Mileetra stopped it mid air with the force and cast it back at them.
Lindrala was wielding her single blue bladed lightsaber using a combination of Soresu and Shii cho she was also deflecting and dodging blaster fire from the Imperials.
More Republic reinforcements came charging in as they smashed into the imperials.
"They are breaking, move forward!" Mileetra commanded. Seeing they were outmatched the Imperial regiment began to turn and run.
"Stay and fight you cowards, if you flee you shall be executed for treason, for the emp...!"
Before the Imperial officer could finish his sentence he was interrupted as a blade from Mileetra's green staff saber impaled through his chest.
The Republic forces pursued the Imperials driving them all the way back to the second regiment that was moving in behind them.

Several Sith in black robes and armour emerged at the front of the second regiment that was moving up, one of them wearing a full black face mask and wielding a single red lightsaber began striking down the Imperials that had retreated back. "The weak cannot be allowed to live."
"Sister we have to break through them, if we do not regroup with Commander Malcom and Master Satele they will be overwhelmed."
Lindrala tightened her grip on her lightsaber, she knew Mileetra was right but their forces had just smashed against one regiment, their losses were going to be high.
"Charge!" Lin and Mileetra began sprinting forward at the Sith, the Republic soldiers followed them without hesitation and opened fire at the Imperials.
Again their forces smashed into each other head on as Lindrala and Mileetra engaged the Sith. Mileetra leaped in and instantly began fighting two of the Sith.
Lindrala locked blades with the Sith who had been killing his own forces.
"You Jedi filth, I will break you." The Sith attempted to knee Lindrala in the stomach but she was able to avoid it, she kicked at his ankle in return.
The Sith staggered causing their blade lock to break Lindrala span around the Sith and swung her lightsaber decapitating him.
Lin turned to see  Mileetra also defeat both the Sith she was fighting. Their soldiers fought with valour against the Imperials who outnumbered them 2 to 1.
The two Jedi began dispatching of the Imperial soldiers.
Another officer contacted the imperial command a Sith appeared on the holo. "Darth Malgus, the Jedi and the republic reinforcement are engaging us our Sith commander is dead."
"Understood, I will call in air support on your location commander the Jedi cannot be allowed to regroup." The officer looked stunned. "But my lord, the bombing run will be in danger close, we..." Malgus cut off the Imperial. "Our pilots are already enroute, take cover and die well for the Empire."
Malgus cut of the transmission.

Still fighting the Imperial soldiers Lindrala and Mileetra suddenly stopped and glanced at each other, they could feel a disturbance in the force.
Suddenly the sounds of Imperial bombers arose over the trees. Within an instant a shadow from above past over them. "Everyone take cover!" Lindrala yelled.
"Sister look out!" Lin watched in horror as a bomb came down and exploded right behind Mileetra sending her flying through the air, she impacted with a tree and came crashing down unconscious from the blast.
The Imperials took advantage and began laying down heavy blaster fire on the Republic forces pinning them down. An Imperial sergeant saw Mileetra laying on the ground. "If that Jedi is still alive, take her prisoner, we shall bring her to lord Malgus for questioning."
The Imperials began to drag Mileetra away, Lin tried to rush forward but another bombing run came in causing her to dive out of the way and into cover.
"Sister!" Lindrala yelled out to Mileetra but it was no use.
Time seemed to slow down as ringing from the explosions drowned out all other sounds.
Lindrala watched as her troopers were been shot down one after the other.
Slowly the Imperials started pushing forward. "Crush the republic scum!" The officer commanded.

Refusing to surrender Lindrala  came back out from cover and charged into the advancing imperials. "You shall not win, the force is with me and while the light remains strong the shadow will flee!" She unleashed a powerful force push blasting many of the soldiers back.
Seeing the display her forces tried to rally once me. "Rally on the Jedi men!" The Republic troopers followed Lin's example and charged forward again blasting the Imperials.
As what seemed to be a last heroic charge from the Republic forces suddenly a red flare shot straight up into the sky.
"For house Organa!" Organa troops under the command of an echani personal guard to Duke Organa had flanked the Imperials and charged at them from the side.
The Imperial officer saw the tide of the battle was now turned heavily against them. He sprinted after the group of soldiers who were dragging Mileetra away.
Lindrala made chase as she cut through the Imperials., as she drew close a figure hooded in black armor jumped in her way and pushed her backwards with the force, Lindrarla managed to use the momentum of the push to flip herself and landed on her feet.
"So this is one of the famous Nightingale sisters, I must admit i'm a little disappointed."

Malgus ignited his lightsaber and began charging towards Lindrala, Lin did the same as her and Malgus locked blades, as the two pushed against each other Lindrala suddenly moved to the side pushing all of Malgus weight forward to throw him off balance, Malgus tumbled forward slightly but quickly turned and unleashed a fury of strikes against Lin.
"You will have to do better than that Jedi." Malgus suddenly delivers a swift back hand slapping Lin across the face, as he knocked her off balance he hit her with a quick force push smashing Lindrala against one of the trees.
Lindrala fell down on to one knee as Malgus smirked and began to make his way over her.
"A pity, perhaps your sister would of proven to be more of a challenge."
Malgus stood above Lin, he moved his lightsaber above his head ready to bring it down on Lindrala when suddenly he was intercepted by a fist to the face.
The echani guard captain delivered several quick strikes to Malgus' head, he quickly kicked the lightsaber out of Malgus' hand and throw the Sith lord to the ground.
He grabbed hold of Lindrala dragging her to her feet the two began to run.
"Men open fire!" House Organa and Republic forces started firing at Malgus.
Malgus quickly brought his lightsaber back in to hand and deflected their shots.
Seeing he was outnumbered Malgus leaped in to the trees and began making his way back to his own regiment.

With the imps driven back for now Lindrala's forces regrouped along with their Organa allies.
The Echani guard captain was still holding Lindrala. "Alec you, you saved my life." he smiled at her. "I guess that makes us even then." He took her hand, "We can still get your sister back but we have to reform for now, Malcom and Satele will need our help."
Lindrala sighed. "Mileetra... I will get you back."

Meanwhile Malgus had made it back to his own forces, Mileetra was still unconscious but had now been bound by the Imperials.
"My lord what should we do with the prisoner." The trooper asked and saluted Malgus.
"Take her to Darth Jadus, I sense her power it is strong, she could be a useful tool against the Jedi."
The trooper salutes Malgus as  they continue to drag Mileetra away. The carried her onto one of the shuttles that was deploying more Imperial forces as they prepared to march on house Organa and the Republics forces.
Malgus ordered his force to move out, more Sith had arrived to bolster their ranks along with Imperial war droids.
"We shall break the republic here."
Commander Jace Malcom prepared to face the enemy...

End of entry.
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PostSubject: Re: Tale of Nightingales   Wed 2 Aug - 18:31

The Vision  Of Darkness

Six months after Mileetra's death...

As the snow calmly falls over the forest a small camp fire burns, a pot of refreshing substance boils over it as a hooded robed figure is sat on a log minding the flames.
The light of the flames burned brightly in her blue eyes as she sat there reflecting on the force.
Seeing that her stew was ready Lindrala grabs a spoon and shovels it into a bowl.
She takes a moment cherishing the smell and warm feel of the bowl in her hands, slowly she begins to eat her meal.
Still standing and eating her food she turns and looks into the distance as images from that night haunted her mind.
Lindrala puts her spoon back into the bowl and sighs as she sits back down on the log.
"Did I do the right thing..." I cannot help but wonder Lin said softly to herself, she looked into her bowl as if that it some how magically held the answer but it did not.
Lin slowly places the bowl down on the log beside her, she looks into the distance again when suddenly she senses a familiar presence in the force...
"Master?" A light blue hazy figure suddenly formed in front of her, it was Master Zemalia, Lindrala's former master and old friend.
Zemalia stood there for a moment in silence, a smile came across her face as she gazed at Lindrala.
"Hello old friend." Lindrala slowly raised her hand and reached towards Zemalia but as she tries to touch her, her hand feels nothing but the cold air.
"Is, is it really you?" Zemalia nodded in response. "It is." She slowly walks over and stands next to Lin, she gestures to the log asking Lin's permission to sit down next to her. "May I?"
Lindrala replies. "Ofcourse, please sit, but how are you here?" Zemalia smiles again and slowly sits down. "I am here because the force wills it to be so my old student, how far you have come... always remember that there is no death, there is only the force and with the force nothing is impossible" Lindrala nods, "I remember your teachings well old friend, I have not forgotten." Zemalia nods.
"I am here because I know what is troubling you, I have felt your... pain, in the force, it echoes all around this planet."
Lindrala looks down and sighs again. "Yes, the images of the night I killed her continue to play over in my mind... I struggle to convince myself that I did the right thing."
Zemalia looks at Lin. "Lindrala... Lindrala, look at me." she says softly. Lin slowly raised her head and looks into Zemalia's eyes.
"You did what you had to do, there was no other choice, if you had not of taken action when you did and ended the threat your sister posed the galaxy would have fallen in to darkness."
Lindrala shakes her head. "How can you possibly be certain of that?" Suddenly Zemalia's eyes began to glow brighter and brighter, she raised her hand and touched Lindrala on the forehead.
A rush of images suddenly exploded into Lindrala's mind...

Lindrala was standing back on the landing pad the night her and Satele fought Mileetra, the storm raged and was crashing around her, Lin could hear a laughter of pure evil and delight as she turned around.
"Oh, you poor... poor Jedi fool." Mileetra was standing over Master Satele who was laid down injured on the ground, smoke from the burns of lightning could be seen coming from her robes. Mileetra quickly extended out her hand blasting Master Satele with more lightning.
"Your pathetic teachings never truly stood a chance against me, now with your death shall begin a new era, together with Jadus and the Emperor the galaxy shall be ours."
Satele cried out in pain as the lightning continued to strike her, Lindrala frantically looked around she could see herself in the distance crawling towards Mileetra.
She watched herself reach out with the force and move Mileetra's hand away from Satele.
Mileetra hissed in annoyance and leaped over Satele towards Lin, she quickly grabbed Lindrala by the throat and lifted her up into the air dangling by her feet.
"Ah yes, my big sister... now do you see just how much you have truly failed, I have surpassed you and your beloved masters in every way, your code has failed and now... you will be cast aside."
Mileetra ignited her lightsaber in her other hand and drove it straight through Lin's chest, she watched in pleasure as the life left her eyes, she then slammed Lindrala's body into the ground as thunder from the storm echoed all around.
Lindrala watching the vision unfold looked on in terror... "No..." she said in disbelief as her sisters eye started to glow purple and the power flourished all over her body.
Master Satele managed to lift herself onto her knees she looked at Lindrala who laid slain on the ground a look of sadness and defeat came across her face as Mileetra slowly walked back over towards her.
Mileetra let out another chuckle. "You see Satele, you put your faith in the wrong sister, and now Jedi... you will die."
Lindrala reached out with her hand towards the vision as Mileetra span her lightsaber and struck at master Satele decapitating the Jedi grand master, Satele's body fell back lifeless.
Darkness took hold of Lin as she felt her self move across the stars until suddenly the door way of a bridge appeared in front of her.

Lindrala turned around and look down a metal hallway that led straight to the door in front of her, suddenly a figure in black appeared at the other end and began walking towards her.
Strangely Lin was unable to move as the hooded figure grew closer and closer. As she drew near Lin recognised her sister.
Mileetra carried on walking, she passed right through Lindrala as if Lin were a ghost.
The door in front of them opened as Mileetra made her way through to the bridge, unable to control herself Lin also moved through the door close behind Mileetra.
On the bridge Mileetra continued to make her way towards a tall white haired figure who was standing at the bridge window looking out in to space.
As they drew closer to the figure Lindrala noticed another body laid at his feet... it was Darth Jadus.
The figure turned to Mileetra and stood over the body over Jadus, as he approached her Mileetra fell to one knee and bowed before him.
"You may rise." Mileetra slowly arose, she pulled something out from under her robe and dropped it at the Emperor's feet, it was the head of Satele.
"Master Satele and my sister are dead, there are none left to challenge us, the galaxy is ours now."
The Emperor looked down at the head of Master Satele then back to Mileetra. "Hmmm, perhaps." He turned and walked back over the body of Darth Jadus and continued looking out of the window.
A look of confusion came upon Mileetra's face, she glanced down at Satele and the body of Jadus then looked back to the Emperor.
"So that's it?" she said in disbelief, she stepped over Jadus towards the Emperor.
Lindrala continued to watch as the scene unfolded.
The Emperor kept his back turned to Mileetra. "You were given a task and you accomplished it, what more is there?"
Mileetra suddenly felt rage swelling inside her, she clenched her fists. "You promised you would share your power with me!"
The Emperor laughs, "Have I not already given you enough power? You have defeated your sister and your greatest enemy both, still this is not enough?" Mileetra pulled out her lightsaber and ignited it, "I destroyed them for you!"
Mileetra glared at the Emperor's reflection in the window, she could see him looking back at her, a smile came upon his face.
"No, you destroyed them for yourself, just as Jadus acted out of interest for his own power. I noticed that you are not surprised to see him dead."
The Emperor pauses for a moment. "My will exceeds the stars, my power is without limits and soon I shall transcend beyond the very boundaries of the galaxy, what possible use could I have for you."
Mileetra's grip on her weapon tightened... "You lying bastard... this galaxy shall be mine!" With lightning speed Mileetra suddenly rushed into the Emperor impaling her lightsaber through his back... The Emperor laughed. "So be it..."

The Emperor essence exploded out of him in a rush of energy the whole bridge was alight in the display of power as Mileetra suddenly became unable to move.
The essence grabbed hold of her arms as her eyes began to glow red.
Lindrala reached out to her sister realising what was happening but it was far too late.
Suddenly there was an eruption as the Emperor's previous body fell to the ground dead, Mileetra was knocked onto one knee, slowly she arose to her feet.
Mileetra turned and looked right at Lindrala her eyes still glowing red. "You shall have your desire, the galaxy shall be yours after all."
Suddenly another huge eruption explodes from Mileetra.
Lindrala is thrown forward out of the bridge of the ship, she looks upon each and every world with life one by one and watches in horror as everything suddenly withers and dies.
One by one the stars in the galaxy burned out as all life everywhere ceased to exist.

Suddenly Lindrala gasped, she awoke laid on the snow of Alderaan next to her camp fire though the flames had died down. Lin quickly rushed to her feet and looked around, slowly the ghost of Zemalia reappeared before her.
"Now at least do you see and understand... had you not acted, your sister would of destroyed the galaxy."
Without a further word, Zemalia vanished.

End of Entry
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Fire raged all around, a once peaceful home lay ravaged and empty set a side from the corpses the littered its grounds... aside the crackling of the flames only silence remained until, suddenly in the distance the echo of a voice could be heard.
"Alec go take her, we wont be able to outrun them together now go!" The man quickly but gently grabbed a baby holding the child close he looked back to Lindrala.
"What about you, you wont be able to defeat them alone."
Lindrala paused she looked him in the eye for a moment before turning her attention back to the child in his arms, she rested her hand on the child's head softly stroking the child's white hair. Her glance then fell back to Alec. "There is no time my love, you have to take the child and escape, I am the only one who can hold them off now go."
As Lin moved to turn back Alec grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back, the two immediately locked lips as they shared a kiss of passion before Lindrala pushed away once more. Alec tried to speak but he could not find the words, suddenly the child in his arms began to cry his attention was forced back on to her.
"I shall protect her till my dying breath... I swear to you."
Lindrala and Alec shared one lass meaningful nod as Alec then turned and began running with the child in his arms.

Lindrala took a deep breath, she pulled her lightsaber into hand and activated the blue blade, she turned and began to walk back. After barely six steps two cloaked figures appeared before her.
One of them was clearly female wearing a sith mask and a wielding a double bladed red lightsaber.
The other a tall Sith pureblood wielding a single red lightsaber, the pureblood spoke first.
"Tired of running Jedi?"
Lindrala fell into a strong soresu stance. "There is no light that runs from the darkness."
The Pureblood smirked. "You're precious light will not save you from me."
As the Pureblood began to move forward, suddenly the other sith woman held out her hand. "She is just a distraction you fool, our target is evading us." Her voice seemed some what familiar but sounded more robotic through the mask.
The Pureblood slapped her hand away from him in annoyance... "Don't worry i'll make this quick."

Before the Sith woman can respond again, the pureblood lept into the air and brought his lightsaber down upon Lindrala, the two locked their lightsabers together.
Knowing what was at state Lindrala would not hold back in this fight. Lindrala quickly side stepped mid saber lock and then delivered a swift kick to the side of the pureblood's head knocking him off balance.
Gracefully she took a few steps back while spinning her saber in hand waiting for him to try again.
Enraged at the Jedi landing a blow, the pureblood spit out blood in disgust, within an instant he unleashed a fluffy of blows again and again, every time Lindrala was able to block his blade with her own.
Suddenly Lindrala leaps back, she quickly swaps into a Shii choo stance. Seeing her do this the pureblood takes the bait thinking he'll be able to use brute force to over power her defence.
As the Sith quickly moved to raises his lightsaber into another over head strike Lindrala leaped forward and delivered a quick slash straight across the Sith's torso.
"Those in the darkness, cannot see." Lindrala brings her lightsaber back down beside her as the pureblood groans in pain for a brief moment, he slowly topples forward onto his face lifeless.

"Impressive, Jedi." The Sith woman steps forward, "I'd say you saved me the trouble of putting that arrogant fool down myself."
Lindrala shook her head. "I take no joy in ending his life, and I would hardly consider myself in the habit of doing favours for Sith." Lindrala's grip on her lightsaber hilt tightened. "I recommend you turn around and go back the way you came Sith, you have already destroyed much this day, don't let yourself be destroyed as well."
The woman chuckled under her mask in amusement... "Oh but the day is just getting started, you know why I am here, who I am here for, and besides would you not even consider doing a favour for your own family."
Suddenly the woman pulled down her hood with one hand and then removed her mask... "Hello sister."

Lindrala suddenly looked into the eyes of her sister... though she did not recognise what she saw. "Mileetra... you... you're alive?"
A cold smile came across her face. "I am, more alive than I have ever been in fact, free of the councils chains I have become so much more than you can possibly imagine, you should join me sister, the Sith have showed me ways to true power that you would not even believe imaginable."
Lindrala could feel the anger building inside of her, the treachery the betrayal.
"Join you... I spent all this time thinking you were dead, I fought for you, I tried to find you... they took you away from your family and you joined them!"
Mileetra continued to smile back at her. "I did, and I am giving you once chance to do the same sister, join me or I shall destroy all that you hold dear." Lindrala was in disbelief... she closed her eyes for a moment tears filling her eyes, her heart broken until finally she spoke.
"You walk a path of absolute darkness, a path, that I cannot follow." Lindrala fell back into her soresu stance. "If the sister I knew is truly gone then you leave me no choice but to end your darkness here."
Mileetra's face turned to anger. "You will fall my sweet sister, even if I have to drag you down into the dark side myself, you shall fall or you shall die!"

Suddenly Mileetra spinning her staff saber furiously lunges at Lindrala, the two sisters clashed sabers together under the ashfall of the flames of Alderaan.
Lindrala blocked again and again, her sisters speed was truly astonishing. Lindrala could feel the great darkness inside of her as every blow she tried to strike against her drove Mileetra further and further into the dark side.
After another brief saber lock Mileetra back flipped away, immediately after landing she channelled her  dark side energy and sent a blast of force lightning straight at Lin.
Lindrala raised her blade, though force to use both her hand she was able to absorb the energy using her lightsaber.
Frustrated Mileetra lunged forward again. "You cannot save her Lin!, I will take her just like you let them take me!"
Lindrala could feel herself beginning to struggle against her sisters attacks again and again the tremendous speed was almost overwhelming.
"Mileetra stop! It does not have to end this way, I know I failed you that day but it is not too late to make things right."
Mileetra chuckles, "Oh sweet big sister... You don't understand do you, this is just a game to me,  a game at which I have only just began to play, this is not the end... this is only the beginning."
In an instant Mileetra quickly delivers a slash of immense speed severing Lindrala's lightsaber in half, Mileetra quickly followed and delivered a swift slap across Lindrala's face before spinning herself around her.
Quickly Mileetra hit Lindrala in the back with another burst of force lightning stunning her and making her fall to the ground.
Her vision starting to black out Lindrala watched as her sister stood over her, she could just make out what Mileetra was saying.
"I warned you and now, I am going to take everything from you."
Lin tried to raise a hand to reach out for her sister but was quickly met by a strong kick to her head rendering her unconscious.

To be continued...
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Part 2

Lindrala gasped for air as she awoke laying in the snow, she forced herself to sit up and looked around.
Suddenly the realization hit her and she managed to scamper up on to her feet, she looked around frantically and yelled out.
"Mileetra! Alec!" her voice echoes through the trees but there was no response.
Summoning her strength back to her Lindrala started walking on the trail, she turned back for a moment to see her destroyed lightsaber still laying on the ground before quickly carrying on.
Lin started to reach out with the force feeling for Alec's presence...

Earlier that day...

Mileetra looked down at her unconscious sister who lay defeated on the ground before her, she could feel the twitch and temptation in her mind to strike her down there and then, the twitch in her hand leaning her towards it but, she resisted. "No... why kill you now sister, it would serve no true goal, your time will come soon though I promise you."
Mileetra turned and ran in pursuit of Alec and the child...

Alec was still running through the trees, holding the child close in his arms, he stopped for a moment to catch his breath, suddenly he heard a branch snap behind him.
He turned around to see Mileetra standing there, her glare fixed upon him cold as a predator.
"You... No, what have you done! Where is your sister!"
Mileetra felt a frown of disgust hearing Alec's desperation in his voice. "My sister... Is dead echani, as are you..."
"No... No!" Alec quickly tried to turn and round but felt an overwhelming power holding him in place. "Guhh arghhh!" He tried to struggle to no avail.
Suddenly Mileetra  lifted Alec and the child through the air towards, using one hand she held the child in place while with the other she violently tossed Alec aside into a tree ripping the child from his arms.
Still holding the child in the air Mileetra walked over to Alec who was slumped against the tree. "You betrayed your family." he coughed. "You have allowed the dark side to corrupt you... your mother and father would be ashamed of you."
Mileetra gave him an ice cold glare as he spoke those words. "I'll show you the dark side." Mileetra ignited her staff saber and quickly impaled Alec through the chest into the tree itself. He passed out immediately. Mileetra de-activated her lightsaber and pulled the child into her own arms. She pulled back the hooded robes the child was in and looked into her white purple eyes.
"Little Erza..." Mileetra smiled at the child and touched her softly on the cheek, the child's cheek was ice cold.
Erza did not cry or shiver, she simply looked back at Mileetra, quickly the moment passed.
Holding her close Mileetra quickly carried on her way back to her shuttle.

Present moment...

After searching for some time Lindrala was moving through the forest in pursuit of her sister when she heard the sound of coughing up ahead... "Oh no..." Lindrala ran forwards to the tree Alec was slumped down against, suddenly his eye lit up in disbelief as he saw her. "L.L..Lindrala!" He tried to speak. "She... took her... she told me... you, were dead." Lindrala quickly rushed and held Alec in her arms close to her. The tears began to stream down her face. They both knew that it was already too late.
"Alec... I'm so sorry I..." Slowly he raised a hand to her face wiping her eyes.
A smile came across his face. "I... I do not... for one second regret one... moment... of our time together."
Lindrala moved and put her own forehead against his, slowly and gently he kissed her on the lips.
"It.. it is not... over ... not yet, not for you... you... have to get, her back..."
Alec started to fade into unconsciousness, slowly his life force was slipping away.
"I swear to you, I'll get her back Alec, I will."
Alec smiles. "When you get her back... tell her... I am proud of our daughter."
Alec's breathing suddenly stops, still looking and smiling at Lin he died in her arms.
Lindrala suddenly felt the emotions burst out of her... Her screamed echoed through the forest as she mourned Alec's passing.

Meanwhile back on her shuttle Mileetra still held Erza in her arms. Many thoughts were rushing through her mind as she kept looking into her eyes. Erza still remained strangely calm around her.
Mileetra knew if she brought the child back to Jadus as instructed that Jadus would most likely kill her and take the child as his own future weapon and apprentice.
The force felt strange within her, like nothing Mileetra had ever felt before, for a moment Mileetra even considered killing the child there and then but as the thought of killing crossed her mind, she had a far more evil and cunning idea, a grin came across her face. What better way to get revenge then turning Lindrala's own child into a cold ruthless killer, into an assassin.
Mileetra's mind was set as she set her shuttle's co-ordinates for Nar Shaddaa.
Suddenly she felt a disturbance in the force, she could feel Lindrala's pain as Alec had passed away.
"As I told you sister... This is just the beginning."

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Tale of Nightingales
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