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PostSubject: MINES   Fri 14 Jul - 1:17


Area of Effect: (1 meter)
Critical: 20-20 (x2)
Range: 1 meter
Save vs Demolition
Size: Small
Use: Demolition skills
Mine DC: d20+ Total Demolition Rank of the User

Mine Use: Character can spend a turn to plant a mine within 1 meter radius from himself/herself. If your demolitions is higher than awareness of hostiles, your mine is hidden. Planting Mines requires your turn, while activating is a free action and can be done any time during your turn. If anyone steps on that field mine will detonate itself.

A small sized species can carry 5 mines, medium sized species can carry 7 mines, and big sized species can carry 10 mines. For every strength modifier you can gain additional mine slot. Mines are consumed on use, but mines can be recovered if they are not detonated. A character must purchase new mines with credits to be able to use them, but some can be found in game world or crafted. Price of mines differs depending on their type and stack. You can buy single mine or in stack of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 grenades. Beneath there will be listed a price of each type of grenade individually.

Cold Mine: 500 Credits (Stack of 10 = 5000 credits)
Fire Mine: 500 Credits (Stack of 10 = 5000 credits)
Gas Grenade: 500 Credits (Stack of 10 = 5000 credits)



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