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 Skye's Journal

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PostSubject: Skye's Journal   Thu 13 Jul - 15:57

Genoharadan Death Squad
Chaos on Corellia

"Corellia... They say it was one of the crown jewels of the Galactic republic, that was at least until the Empire showed up. Corellians are a stubborn bunch, always seem to have a case to make about something one way or the other."

Skye chuckled to herself. "One thing is for certain... when Imperial soldiers and tanks started rolling down their precious streets and imperial banners were hanging over their cities the people soon had something useful to put that stubbornness towards... I still remember that job like the back of my hand, A member of the Corellian High council and leading senator for the Corellian people had come to us in secret. The Genoharadan maintained a strong neutrality through out the war though this was a mission I thoroughly enjoyed. The Emperor's personal royal guard had joined the war effort on the planet causing chaos for Republic and Resistance forces alike.
Our job was simple, sweep in, make the imps bleed as much as possible and cut off the head of the general coordinating the imperial guard forces.... Easy money."

The Genoharadan death squad jumped down from their shadow lander onto the streets of Corellia, flames were burning all around, another skirmish between the Corellian Resistance had taken place just mere minutes ago.
The 4 squad members quickly took cover as their leader completed a communications check.
"This is shadow 1, comm check, all members report in."
Before anyone had chance to respond an explosion occurred just meters away down the street as Imperial troopers suddenly burst out of a building onto the street.
"Looks like we weren't late to this party after-all." Skye chuckled.
"Hold that thought Shadow 4..." The leader looked down his scope at the advancing troops. "No way round, we'll have to take them out... Squad you know the drill." Shadow 2 and Shadow 3 quickly checked their gear and got ready.
"Thought you would never ask boss!" He said as he activated a thermal detonator in his hand and launched it right into the incoming troops.
Before they had time to react the detonator exploded tearing many of the troops apart.

Shadow 2 pulled out two of his vibroblades and charged the Troopers.
Shadow 2 - aka Anarchist, specialist in explosives, blades and never afraid to get into the middle of the fight.
Race identification - Zabrak.

"Well I guess for the imperials this will be one hell of a surprise party." Shadow 3 says in amusement. Within an instant she grasps a blaster pistol in each hand and charges after Shadow 2. She opens fire on the Imperials as she gets in close, she jumps and flips over a trooper blasting him in the head mid flip, she lands and round house kicks another solider as she carries on unleashing blaster fire.

Shadow 3 - Aka Last Whisper, specialist in close quarter combat, duel blaster fire and martial arts, if there is a building you need to get into she would find a way inside.
Race identification - Nautolan

Watching her comrades jump right into combat Shadow 4 immediately takes up cover in an advantageous position. She takes aim down her scope and slowly squeezes the trigger.  She headshots one Imperial trooper, then another, then another and another. Two further imperials attempt to rush Shadow 2 and Shadow 3 but Shadow 4 quickly reacts and fires two shots, hitting a head shot on the both of them.

Shadow 4 - Aka Skye, specialist in long range combat, sniper fire and recognisance - she is the kind of person who you don't want to have you in their sights.
Race - Human Echani hybrid.

As the whole squad is now engaged with the enemy Shadow 1 moves into the fray, he locks and loads his repeating blaster rifle and begins gunning down imperial troops from all sides, rolling from cover to cover. As an Imperial trooper moves in closer Shadow 1 quickly switches weapons, with in an instant he pops from cover and nails the imperial trooper directly in the chest with a shotgun as the trooper falls down dead. "Keep up the momentum squad, these imps will be cowering back to their HQ in no time."

Shadow 1- Aka Legion, Tactical specialist, proficient in all ranged weapons, earned his name by  taking out 30 republic commandos alone on Balmorra alone.
Race - Chiss

Moments later the Imperial troopers were overwhelmed and completely out matched from the squad forcing them into a retreat. Death squad push forward.
The retreating Imperial troopers became cut off as a group of Corellian resistance fighters ambushed them in the cities under tunnel the Imperial forces tried to escape from.
Legion gave the order for the squad to stop, "While killing imperials on the front line is fun they are not the target." He points at a skyscraper to the west, it had a giant red Imperial banner flying down the front of it.
"The Imperial guard HQ is located in that building... Death squad, lets move!"

To be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Skye's Journal   Thu 13 Jul - 18:29

Genoharadan Death Squad
Chaos on Corellia part 2

Death squad made it to the headquarters of the Imperial guard. They immediately came under fire from Imperial Snipers guarding the perimeter.
"Shadow 4! Now!" Legion commanded Skye to take out the snipers.
Skye took a deep breath then rolled out from behind the wall the squad had taken cover behind.
Immediately she crouched down into a firing position, she aimed down scope and fired. The first imperial sniper stood motionless for a moment with a burning hole through his helmet and head, he slowly fell backwards off the wall.
The second imperial sniper fired back at Skye showing his position. She dodge the blast spinning out of the way and within an instant returned a shot directly hitting her mark.
She moved further ahead and looked through her scope surveying the area.
"The way is clear Shadow 1."

Upon hearing her words Legion gave the signal, he Shadow 2 and Shadow 3 moved into the Imperial guard compound though were not met with any immediate resistance.
Skye slowly moved on their position as she caught up to them and went through the gate.
The squad began to move forward when suddenly the door behind them slid shut sealing them inside the compound.
"It's a trap!" shadow 3 yelled as 2 other doors at the opposite side of the compound slid open.
Several red imperial guards along with more Imperial troopers entered the compound.
A cloaked hooded figure took his place on a balcony which over looked the compound, he laughed mocking the death squad.
"The legendary Genoharadan... caught in my trap like rodents, oh this is all too easy..." He chuckled to himself. "I hope the traitor scum who hired you offered you enough credits to convince you to die." The Hooded man pulled down his hood revealing himself, a pureblood Sith... "Throw down your weapons now and surrender, the Empire will reward your efforts far greater than the Republic scum."

Before anyone else had chance to respond Skye in an instant took aim with her sniper and fired a blaster bolt faster than even the Sith could respond. He attempted to dodge out of the way but the Sniper shot hit the side of his face burning his right cheek. "Sith talk too much." Skye remarked.
The Sith yelled as he ran back into the building.
As the Imperial troops began to open fire Shadow 2 throws thermal detonators in 3 different key directions blasting the imperial troops. Together he and Shadow 3 rush the forces engaging the imperial troops and guards in close combat.
Shadow 3 runs up one of the guards delivering a swift kick to the guards head knocking him to the ground, she shoots him with her blaster pistol while he is down.
Shadow 1 wielding both his shotgun in one hand and repeating rifle in the other hand engages the imps destroying any that try to surround them.
Skye Immediately fell back to cover and began blasting every enemy that came into her sight. Together the squad were crushing the enemy and forcing the Imperials back.

"Death Squad! Forward!" Legion, shadow 2 and shadow 3 charged after the enemy as they retreated further into the compound. Skye moved up behind clearing any remaining Imperial stragglers.
As they tried to seal off the main door into the HQ Shadow 2 hit the door console with an explosive dart frying the door circuits and jamming it open.
"No door will save you from me!" He yelled as death squad made it's why in side.
The Sith lord Skye had shot in the face watched in horror on the Security feeds as the squad began storming the stronghold.
"It's just 4 Assassins! Just 4 of them, what are you fools doing... KILL THEM!"

Skye made her way into the building behind her squad... The hunt was on.
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PostSubject: Re: Skye's Journal   Fri 14 Jul - 2:15

Genoharadan Death Squad
Chaos on Corellia part 3

Death Squadron continued to make their way up through the Imperial guard HQ. As shadow 2 and shadow 3 continued making their way ahead dispatching imperials, Legion and Skye swept behind wiping out any targets that remained.

Eventually they cornered the Shadow 3 caught up to the Sith lord Skye had managed to graze the face of with her Sniper.
"You are cornered my prey, you have no where left to run."
The Sith hisses in frustration he ignites her lightsaber and charges at Shadow 2. Whisper opens fire on the Sith charging right back at him, the Sith was able to deflect most shots however one of them hit him in the shoulder. He swung his lightsaber at Shadow 2 to strike her down though she sliders down on her knees under the strike, as the Sith turns he is suddenly hit square in the dead center of his head by another Sniper shot, he collapses forward to the ground.
"Nice shot Shadow 4, though you stole my kill."
Skye chuckled in amusement. "Don't wound what you can't kill... I marked him the second he opened his mouth."
Before Shadow 2 can respond, Legion interrupts them. "Cut the chatter, our priority target should be just ahead, no way that spineless scum was in charge."

Legion of course was right, the squad moved further upwards. After regrouping the Squad made it up to the roof of the building to find a host of the Emperor's guards waiting.
A tall man stood with his back turned looking out onto Corellia city.
"Took you long enough." He said abruptly.
Suddenly as the squad moved forward the Emperor's guards raise their weapons, warning the squad not to take a step further.
Legion speaks... "General Hesker, your life is forfeit."
Hesker turns and laughs, "You are so right... though my life was forfeit to the Emperor long ago, all you shall find here is your own deaths."
Suddenly an imperial fighter floats up into the sky up above Hesker, it descended behind him enough so he could leap into the ship.
"Take them!" Hesker commands, on his word the guards open fire on death squad who break and dive for cover.
Hesker open's fire upon the squad as well using the fighter guns.
Skye quickly pops out from cover and attempts to shoot Hesker in his cockpit though the fighter was shielded.
Shadow 3 engaged the Emperor guards, some of them began to close in on the squad with staffs.

"Skye! Shadow 2 called out, "Clear me a path and I will knock out the shields!" Skye did as she was asked, using her rifle she blasted down several of the Imperial guards as Shadow 2 charged towards the fight.
As Shadow 2 got close he threw an EMP detonator at Hesker's fighter crippling the shields and knocking out the fighters power, Hesker was forced to bring the fighter down onto the roof, he tried to ram death squad.
As she tried to move out of the way Shadow 3 was clipped by the fighter which sent her tumbling over the side of the roof and down to the ground.
"Whisper!" Legion shouted as he was fighting off several of the guard.

Skye quickly ran to the edge and checked through the site of her scope but there was nothing anyone could do, Shadow 3 was down.
Skye turned back to the fight as Shadow 1 and Shadow 2 were still engaged in battle with the Emperor's guard.
Due to their advanced training the Guard were formidable in melee combat.
As Legion fell back to cover, enraged by Whisper's loss Shadow 2 charged forward.
He threw several more explosives at the guard then lept directly onto Hesker's fighter.
Still in the cockpit Hesker pulled out a blaster pistol and began firing upwards, he was able to hit Shadow 2 twice in the chest with blaster fire. Shadow 2 held on to the cockpit, he activated a thermal detonator and threw it into the cockpit.
Hesker screamed as he tried to get out but the Detonator exploded wiping out Hesker's fighter and Shadow 2 along with it.

Legion was saddened by the loss of two of his squad but carried on fighting as did Skye. "This is Shadow 1 we need extraction at my co-ordinates now! The target is down i repeat the target is down!"
Skye and Legion held their position for several minutes. Skye went completely without a word. It was just one shot after another until finally the shadow lander was in sight.
Their ship came down close to the roof and began laying down covering fire, as Legion and Skye went to fallback to the ship a blaster bolt clipped Legion in the back of the leg causing him to fall to the ground.
The remaining imperial guards back advancing on the position.
"Go Skye!" He commanded as he rolled onto his back and began firing on the advancing guards.
Skye made it on to the lander and began Sniping every enemy she could. "Legion, come on!"
She yelled.
Legion staggered up onto his feet and began moving backwards towards the shuttle still opening fire onto the Imperial guard.
Additional Imperial forces had arrived on the ground below, tanks started to fire up at the Shadow lander that had no choice but to take evasive action.
"Just get out of here that's a direct order!"
Skye was knocked back into the shuttle as it suddenly swerved and moved away from the roof.
Legion fought on striking down Imperial after Imperial but as the shadow lander finally began to move away Skye caught glimpse of the Imperials overwhelming Legion.
The Target had been eliminated but the squad was almost lost.

Skye returned to the Genoharadan and reported the mission success but since that day, she has worked alone ever since.

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PostSubject: Re: Skye's Journal   Fri 14 Jul - 13:28

The Lone Shadow

After the fall of Death Squadron the Genoharadan brotherhood shifted, once again vanishing even further into the shadows as it began recruiting or training new individuals.
Skye, hardened by the fall of her squad mates continued to serve them, after all... She had nothing else.  
After the Corellian contract the Genoharadan's neutrality was damaged as Imperial Intelligence had by now learned the truth.
Requested contracts through from the Empire slowly stopped though despite this, they would not simply follow the Republic either.
The brotherhood for a time fell from its pedestal of high influential shifting throughout the galaxy. The Genoharadan did however choose to aid the Republic again when the planet Darvannis was attacked by the one known as Dread Master Styrak.
Acting as information brokers to the Republic they informed them of the Dread masters presence and his plans there. In response the Republic deployed an elite squadron of their own who shut down the Dread masters Operation on Darvannis.

Skye continued her training daily, waiting for the next assignment to come her way. Other than assassinations of minor criminal thugs nothing came through to her that really seemed worthy of her time.
Were it not for her loyalty to the Genoharadan she may have walked a different path though it did not come to be.
Skye was finally given an assignment that would prove to be a challenge worthy of the Genoharadan:

The Ice War

The snow crunched under Skye's boots as she made her way up a slope upon the ice world of Hoth. Her white hair moved swiftly through the falling snow, she wore a white arctic coat over her usual armour to keep her warm.
She crouched and surveyed the area through her scope, she watched for a moment as two Tauntauns were nurturing their baby taunlings in a nest, in that moment Skye felt something in her mind but did not understand... "What is this?"  she said softly to herself. She looked again through the scope at the peaceful creatures when suddenly something seemed to startle them. Skye watched as the mother Tauntaun and the babies started to run away as the Father was walking backwards slowly till finally something else came into sight.
A large Wampa was slowly stalking up to the Tauntaun nest. Skye continued to watch as the Male Tauntaun appeared to be standing it's ground against the huge ferocious beast that was approaching.
"Come on, you dumb creature, run away already!" she said in frustration as she continued to watch the scene unfold. Suddenly the Wampa charged at the Tauntaun swiping at it with it's huge claws it knocked the Tauntaun straight down to the ground.
Without even thinking with an almost instantaneous reaction Skye took aim and fired.  Her shot hit the Wampa straight in the eye as the creature seemed to roar and wince in pain, the tauntaun slowly got back up wounded and began to limp away after the other Tauntauns.
Enraged the Wampa charged after it but was met by another sudden blaster bolt directly in it's remaining eye.  Now blinded the wampa swiped around violently but was unable to catch the tauntaun.
Skye took aim to fire one more shoot at the creature to finish it off, she squeezed the trigger and fired. The Wampa fell down and was still.

As Skye took another look through her scope suddenly she saw another flash in the distance which was quickly followed by a burning pain in her left shoulder as a blaster bolt grazed it, her shots had revealed her position...
"Damn it!" Skye quickly scampered down the slope narrowly avoiding another blaster shot.  
White Maw pirates she was sent to eliminate were now advancing on her location, she knew she would have to move fast.
Skye continued down the slope, there were further slopes in the distance she could run to but she needed an area with better cover.
As she carried on rushing through the snow suddenly the ground seemed to fall out from under her, she fell down into an ice cavern below.
Skye was quickly arose to her feet, the cavern she was in could only go left or right.
Aiming her rifle in front she began to slowly move, she went to the right further in to the cavern.
After a short while she came across what appeared to be a small camp, there was a little tent and heat generator, she slowly began to move closer when suddenly a small blue figure jump out at her wielding what appeared to be some sort of wrench.
Skye quickly swung at the wrench with the hilt of her sniper knocking it out of the creatures hand.
"No, no, no! Please no fire!" the little blue creature cried.

To be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Skye's Journal   Fri 14 Jul - 21:29

The Ice War

"Please! Please no hurt Snub!" The little blue ortolan stood there with his arms raised shaking. Skye let out a sigh and slowly lowered her weapon.
"What are you doing down here?" She spoke calmly to Snub.
Snub still stands there with his arms raised  as he replies. "Snub here looking for Snub's people, they hide under ground from the white giants and to keep warm, Snub is looking for them but you have white fur too please no hurt snub!"
For a moment Skye touches a blade of her long white hair she cannot help but smile. "This is my hair... not fur, i'm not going to hurt you so long as you don't try to hit me with that wrench again."
Snub slowly lowers his arms. "Snub sorry for that, Snub thought you were pesky jawa coming to salvage Snub's thermal box!"
Skye scratches her head, "Well I wasn't a jawa the last time I checked... how long have you been down here Snub?"
Snub chuckles "White giants scary enough, Snub hopes there are no giant jawa."
Snub runs into his tent and runs back out with some sort of beeping tracker device he olds it out to Skye.
"Snub has only been here a day, Snub's people have these hide holes all over place!"[/color]
Skye takes the device in hand and looks it over, "You are using this to track your people?" Snub nods and gently takes it back from her.
"You know if those co-ordinates are right, your people are near the white maw pirates?" Snub rubs his head for a moment. "Oh the bad smelly men! Snub has seen them, they kicked Snub's friend once."
Skye thinks for a moment. "You said your people are under ground right, does that mean there is a tunnel that will take us all the way to them?"
Snub nods with enthusiasm. "Yes! Snub's people dug many tunnels through the ice, Snub can walk to his people but Snub is afraid of the White giants!"

"Wait, are you saying there are wampa's down here?" Skye glances behind her as she speaks to Snub.
"Snub is not sure what Wampa means, the white giants are huge and fury with huge claws and teeth, Snub thinks they could swallow Snub whole but Snub stays away from them!"
He pauses for a moment then carries on. "Pesky Jawa also came into Snub's people hide holes! They start digging tunnels of their own but they are not clever like Snub, they dug a big tunnel right into a white giant cave!"
Skye thinks back to the wampa she shot dead earlier. "How many of those white giants are down here Snub, I think I may have killed on earlier."
Snub jumps in surprise. "White hair lady killed a white giant? Good you help keep Snub's people stay safe that way! There are lots of them around but White Giant sleep a lot, there is a scary white giant in particular bigger than the others, Snub no like him, Snub call him fuzzy!"
Skye knows that if she can get behind the White maw pirates they will be much easier to take out.
"Snub I will take you to your people if you show me the way, I will stop any white giants from hurting us." Snub quickly runs into his tent again, he is in there for a few seconds then run back out with a backpack on, he quickly throws his wrench into it.
He grabs the little heat box.
"Snub likes White hair lady, you are Snub's friend."
Skye smiles and shakes her head. "Alright then little guy, just show me the way."
Skye follows Snub into the tunnels.

To be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Skye's Journal   Mon 17 Jul - 14:51

The Ice War
Caverns of the Beast

Skye and Snub made their way through the icy under ground tunnels, still holding the little thermal box Snub guided Skye through the tunnels with ease.
As they continued further the tunnels suddenly began to expand, the walls became wider and wider apart.
Suddenly the cavern opened up into a huge beautiful display of icy pillars.

Skye look at the stunning natural display before her, "It is beautiful, like a crystal maze." she whispered softly to Snub. The little Ortolan stood frozen on his spot, he did not respond to Skye. Skye glanced down at Snub to see he was pointing at something... He had frozen in fear.
Skye's eyes quickly shifted as she followed the direction of Snub's point and then, she saw it.
At far side of the room a gigantic Wampa starred directly back at the two of them holding what appeared to be two halves of a lifeless jawa.
Skye quickly raised her weapon and then she noticed... two, three.... five more wampas came into view from around ice pillars edging slowly closer and closer.
She took a deep breath then suddenly... "Snub run!" She yelled, she fired her Sniper rifle at the two closest wampas hitting them both in the face, a giant roar erupted through the ice caverns. Snub quickly pulled at Skye's coat as he pointed to another cavern off to the right.
Snub started running as Skye began to slowly retreat back to the cavern while firing at the wampas to keep them back.
As she drew closer to the cavern the Gigantic wampa Snub knew as Fuzzy dropped the dead jawa it was holding and began charging towards Skye through the cavern.
Skye tried to shoot at the huge beast but the pain did not slow it down. Skye turned and ran into the cavern after Snub as fuzzy smashed into the cavern entrance chasing after them. It's huge claw reached in attempting to grab hold of Skye. Skye turned and shot at Fuzzy's hand as the beast roared in anger it took it's arm back out of the cavern entrance.
Snub stood there holding his box shaking. "We make Fuzzy mad, now Fuzzy wants to eat Skye and Snub."
Skye dusted herself down, "I hate to tell you this little guy but I think he would happily eat us no matter what mood he is in, is there another way out of here." Snub beckons Skye over and points down the cavern. "We can go round! Though Fuzzy will smell us, he will follow us now!"
Skye begins moving down the cavern ahead of Snub, heavy breathing from Fuzzy can be heard at the other side of the walls. Fuzzy's huge claw scrapes against the wall as he roars again.
"Damn it..." Skye looks back at the little blue Ortolan, she knows if they both run he'll be eaten. If the she tries to help him they might both be eaten. Skye punches the wall in frustration. "Why do I even care, I should just throw him to the Wampa's and run while they are distracted!"
She sighs... "Snub, wait here... if I don't come back then go back the way we came, I'll make sure Fuzzy and the other beasts aren't there."
Giving Snub a gentle push back, she grips her sniper rifle and begins running down the cavern.

Skye kept running, faster than she knew she could, the heavy breathing sounds of the beasts seemed to get further and further away, as she got to the end of the cavern it opened up into another huge icy anti-chamber.
in the centre of the anti chamber there was a platform that stood alone, looking round to the left it looked as though a natural path leading up to it had formed, the wampa's would not be able to fit up that path.
Without another second to waste Skye sprinted into the anti chamber. Moments later three of the wampas came running in, one of them tried to block and swipe at Skye.
She dropped down to the ground and slid under the beast in-between it's legs, as she made it passed the beast she quickly span around and delivered two blaster shots to the back of its legs causing the creature to fall to it's knees.
Skye quickly got back to her feet she turned and ran up the path leading up to the high platform in the centre, at the edge of the path there was a gap. She sprinted faster, faster and  leaped!
As she landed on the centre platform Skye slipped almost sliding off the edge she gripped and hung on. Hungry wampas prowling down below she glanced down behind her. Seeing their ugly fur faces was all the motivation she needed.
Skye pulled herself back up on to the platform, she took aim with her rifle and began sniping the wampas.
The beasts charged at the platform and began jumping and attempting to climb up to Skye. The struggle continued for some time but Skye was able to hold the wampas off. After several shots two of the beasts fell dead. The last wampa started to limp away injured.
Suddenly there was a deafening roar as Fuzzy smashed in to the chamber, he glanced at the limping wampa and struck it to the ground with his own huge claw.
The smaller wampa was dead instantly.

Fuzzy's attention now fixed upon Skye, the rage and hunger burning in the creatures dark eyes. It began stalking it's way over enjoying the scent of prey.
Skye aimed her sniper at the creature. "I'm not going out like this."

Skye tensed her grip on her rifle as a strong determination came over her. Fuzzy appeared to sense this as it grunted...suddenly the giant wampa lept and grabbed hold of the centre pillar causing it to shake as Skye struggled to keep her balance, the wampa's large size allowed it to be in grabbing range of Skye within seconds.
Fuzzy took a swipe at Skye, Skye back flipped over the attack she landed it and dropped to one knee and quickly fire two shots into one of Fuzzy's eyes. This time the pain took effect as the beast let go of the pillar to cover it's burned eye. Fuzzy Jumped down and roared in immense rage.
Fuzzy took several steps back then charged at the pillar smashing into it with all of its weight.
The force of the impact sent Skye flying backwards smashing into the icy cavern wall on the other side of the gap she had jumped across. Back on the path she had ran up to get onto the platform, Skye arose onto her hands and knees, she gripped her sniper and began unleashing shot and shot at Fuzzy.
The large beast soaked up the blaster fire and threw a punch at Skye, Skye rolled out of the way and slid down the slope on the wall, she carried on firing at Fuzzy.
Skye rolled along the floor and ran across the chamber, tired and panting fuzzy slowly turned around.
As Skye took aim down scope at the beast's head she saw something out of the corner of her eye.
Quickly she glanced upward and saw a large sharp icicle hanging down from the cave roof roughly half way between her and Fuzzy.
Skye quickly changed her aim upwards and began firing at the base of the icicle where it was connected to the roof of the cave.
Fuzzy let out another grunt and charged forward as the large icicle dropped from the roof it impaled fuzzy through the back of the neck and spiked him down into the ground.
Skye quickly rushed over to the beast, she fired several more shots into it's head to put it out of it's misery.
Fuzzy became still, the struggle was over and Skye stood over the body of the beast as the victor.

After taking a breath of relief Skye headed back to Snub who was still hidden and waiting in the cavern. Snub jumped in excitement as he saw Skye come back through the cavern. "You came back for Snub!"
Skye could not help but slightly smile. "Come on little guy, it is safe now... Fuzzy won't be eating anybody else."
"Skye was able to kill Fuzzy! Skye is amazing protector, tell Snub how Skye killed it!
The two of them carried on through the caverns together.
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PostSubject: Re: Skye's Journal   Wed 19 Jul - 13:45

The Ice War
Final Silence

After several hours of passing through the Ice caverns Snub suddenly jumped in excitement as his pace quickened. "Snub's people just ahead!"
Skye increased her own pace to keep up with Snub but she noticed something as they drew closer.
She quickly grabbed Snub to get him to stop and put a finger on her own lips telling him to be quiet, Skye motioned with her other hand at a mark on the wall indicating blaster fire.
Skye slowly moved over and touched the mark, she whispered to Snub. "It's cold so this shot was not fired recently though it does look fresh, we should be careful."
Snub's face showed concerned as the happiness seemed to vanish.
Skye raised her Sniper rifle and began to crouch walk closer to the entrance of the Ortolan's Ice Cavern, Snub followed closely behind her.

As they reached the entrance Skye's heart sank as she tried to get Snub to stop but he pushed passed her and ran forward. The bodies of dead Ortolans lay through out the compound.
Burns from blaster fire were spread around all over, the compound itself has been picked clean by the attackers. A larger group of Ortolans laid still together in a group towards the back of the compound.
Whoever attacked them must of gathered them all up and executed them.
Snub collapsed on to his hands and knees, he crawled to one of the dead Ortolans who he clearly recognised. Snub placed a hand on the dead Ortolan. "Gone... they are all gone, they murdered Snub's people! Why!"
Skye scoped around the compound but those who were responsible were no where to be seen.
"Greed and Cruelty." She said to Snub bluntly. "Your people had salvaged parts and tech that clearly someone else wanted more, but I know who did this... This is the work of the White maw pirates."
Snub slowly got to his feet. "The bad men! The ones Snub friend came here to kill?" Skye nods.
Snub sighs, "Now Snub has nothing left... Snub wishes to join his people."
Skye looks to him. "Snub no... I will get the bastards who did this I promise you, they are dead men walking."
Snub slowly walks up to Skye and gives her a friendly pat on the arm.
"Snub is thankful for everything Skye has done, Snub is happy to have met white hair lady, but Snub cannot go where Skye travels and killing bad men will not bring Snub's people back."
Skye looks at Snub. "What will you do?" Snub walks passed her and stops at another cavern tunnel that leads out.
"Skye can go this way, follow the tunnel out, Snub will stay here and wait, Snub requests that Skye does not come back after she leaves."

Skye looks down to the floor, unable to look the little Ortolan in the eye. She silently nods her head in agreement and begins making her way to the cavern. She turns and looks back to Snub. "Goodbye Snub..."
The little Ortolan raised his hand and waved at Skye.
Skye turned and made her way into the cave,  after she had made her way so far through the cave she heard a single blaster shot back the way she came... Skye stopped again looking down at the ground... She punched the ice wall of the cave and proceeded onward.
Eventually Skye came to a narrow exit to the cave leading her back the cold snow of Hoth.
Immediately looking down Skye could see tracks leading through the snow off to the west.
She gripped her sniper rifle tight in hand and followed them.

After following the tracks and making her way through the snow, Skye came to another hill she followed the tracks up to the top and then she suddenly caught a glance of an outpost.
She had found the White maw pirates... Skye quickly crouched and scoped out the outpost.  She noticed the sight of a torn Imperial banner and what appeared to look like an Imperial helmet.
"So... they took this outpost from the Empire." Skye carried on assessing the outpost defences. They only had 2 guards currently keeping watch.
The sun was starting to go down, Skye would have to get to the compound to keep warm or she would freeze to death at night.
Skye got closer and closer to the pirates, she managed to sneak round the sides of one of the buildings when she noticed a bunch of pirates were all sat round a large thermal heater yammering away to each other.
The other pirates burst out in laughter as one of the bigger ones was speaking.
"And did you see the way those little blue freaks squawked! I blasted one of the little gits and stomped on it's head."
The pirates continued to laugh, Skye's fist clenched as she heard the bunch joking about the slaughter.
Suddenly another two pirates came over to the group and called them to attention. "Alright you idiots shut it up! The other scout party did not find a body of the sniper they attacked, boss wants us on alert!"
The group sighs. "I don't think so, I don't see why I have to stand around freezing my balls off all night because you can shoot worth a banthas ass!"
The pirates laugh again while the one trying to give the orders stood there looking annoyed.
"Besides, if I get my hands on the little bitches head I'll jump on her's as well!"

That was enough for Skye enraged at the Pirates arrogance she quickly span round the corner and fired a shot directly into the big pirates head. As he fell dead the group of pirates scrambled to rush to their feet as Skye quickly fire an additional 2 shots killing 2 more of the pirates.
Skye suddenly finds herself sprinting towards the group as she continues to fire at them.
Another pirates tries to turn and flee but is met by a blaster bolt to the back of the head.
The pirate who had been giving the orders ducks and quickly gets on the holo. "Boss she's here! You gotta ge..." The pirate was unable to finish his sentence as a shot from Skye hit him in the side of the head.
One of the pirates pulls out a vibroblade and charges at Skye screaming! He swings his blade at her, Skye dodges the first strike then blocks the second using her sniper.
Suddenly she hits the sword away with a swift stock strike an blasts the pirate in the chest.
A further two pirates ran out of the outpost building and fired at Skye. She rolled out of the way and quickly shot both of them down.
As Skye looked around the Pirate leader had made a break for it, he made is way to one of the speeder bikes and started it up.
Skye caught sight of him as the speeder bike began to move.
"No you don't..."
Skye quickly aimed and fired, her shot perfectly flew between two of the outpost buildings as it impacted into the back of the Pirate leader knocking him clean off the speeder bike, the bike flew out of control and smashed into the snow.

The pirate leader lay still on the ground as Skye rushed over to him, he started coughing and looked up at Skye, she aimed her rifle at his head. "Wait, wait!" the pirate leader coughed.
"How much are they paying you, I can pay you double! No triple!" he begged for his life.
Skye smirked at the pirate leader. "You think you can buy your way out of death? Do you know what your men did to those Ortolans just for some pieces of junk!"
Skye bashed the Pirate leader in the head with her sniper rifle, he coughed some more than spit out blood on to the snow.
"All the credits in the galaxy... but scum like you, I will gladly kill for free." Skye put the barrel of her rifle against his head.
"No no n...!" Skye pulled the trigger killing the pirate leader.

"Scum deserve no mercy..."

Skye walked away from the dead pirate leader, she waited for dawn then took one of the speeder bikes leaving the Outpost lifeless and empty.

Journal entry End
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Skye's Journal
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