star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: SCAN   SCAN EmptyThu 13 Jul - 12:11


Scanning reveals weaknesses in defenses, increasing all damage done to the target, provide the entire squad with a tactical readout. Only one scan can be active on a target. Scans can also reveal hidden targets. Targets with scan debuff cannot go to stealth. Critical Chances stack with each rank.

Power Alignment: Universal
Power Type: Tech Effect
CTI: Scan Cyber-Tech-Interface
Counter: None
Duration: 5 turns

Rank 1: All attacks against the target gain 10% damage and +1 Critical Chance.

Rank 2: All attacks against the target gain 20% damage and +1 Critical Chance.

Rank 3: All attacks against the target gain 30% damage and +1 Critical Chance.

Rank 4: All attacks against the target gain 40% damage
Evolution A: +1 Critical Chance
Evolution B: +1 Critical Multiplier

Rank 5: All attacks against the target gain 50% damage
Evolution A: Removes immunity to critical hits
Evolution B: Target loses all Cover DR, and Armor DR is halved
Evolution C: Reveals all hidden enemies within +2 radius

Scan: To use Scan you must equip a proper tool in your hand. This means that you are subject to overload of the overheat perk. Users of Scan must equip Scan CTI.
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