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PostSubject: PLANT SURGE   Mon 10 Jul - 20:26


Related to Force Healing, Plant Surge is based on creating energy from the light side of the force to channel life into plants. This causes plants to grow at incredible speed, and bind their targets. A higher degree of this power is capable of creating a mass of clinging vegetation wraps around all creatures in the area of effect. Those affected are immobilized, though still able to fight and cast spells. Victims who succeed a Reflex save still have their movement reduced by half. Plant Surge stacks with itself and Plant Surges performed by other casters. Plant Surge has friendly fire turned off even on nightmare difficulty.

Power Alignment: Light Side
Damage Type: Nature
Healing Type: Organic
Save: Reflex 1/2 damage
Counter: Fire
Range: 5 meters
Duration: 3 Rounds
Requirement: Outdoor

Rank 1:
Damage: 2+Wisdom Modifier per round Critical Hit 20-20 (x2)
Effect: Slow

Rank 2:
Damage: 4+Wisdom Modifier per round Critical Hit 20-20 (x2)
Effect: Slow

Rank 3:
Damage: 6+Wisdom Modifier per round Critical Hit 20-20 (x2)
Effect: Slow

Rank 4:
Damage: 8+Wisdom Modifier per round
+1 Radius
Evolution A: Critical Hit +1
Evolution B: Flower Song

Rank 5:
Damage: 10+Wisdom Modifier per round
Evolution A: Critical Multiplier +1
Evolution B: Fungal Infection
Evolution C: Healing Spores

Rank4B: Flower Song - Allies standing in Plant Surge area or effect can hear the singing whispers of the flowers growing around them. Inspiring them, all allies and caster gain +5 nature damage to all their attacks. Flower Song stacks with itself.

Rank5B: Fungal Infection - Initial target can be infected on a failed fortitude save. Once the victim has failed his fortitude save the poor soul comes to resemble a fungal grove as toadstools and mushrooms grow over the expanse of the victim's skin. The fungus grows out of the spaces of any armor, and it grows over any exposed flesh. These are all common types of inedible shrooms and are not worth even one credit. Any attempt to remove these irritating fungi is fruitless as they begin to grow back immediately. The target becomes ugly and fungal infection damages victim's charisma equal to Plant Surge's DC/2. All charisma related force power greatly suffer during fungal infection, rendering most if not all of them weak and useless. Attacking a target that has Fungal Infection debuff active destroys the mushrooms, that explode at the victim's face, dealing 50% nature damage of the damage that caused them to explode. Only one target can be infected by Fungal Infection, and it must be organic.

Rank5C: Healing Spores - Plants growing now release spores that can heal the caster and his/her allies as long they are standing in Plant Surge area of effect and Healing Spores stack with itself. Damage healed is same as the damage done by Plant Surge.

Plant Surge: Plant Surge, or Consitor Sato, was a light side Force power which allowed the user to improve the plant's rate of growth and even affect the manner in which it grows. In battle, the ability to control a plant's growth with the Force could be used to cause plants to grow with incredible speed directly under the user's control, causing plant life to grow and twist around opponents, ensnaring anyone who wasn't quick enough to avoid it. Once ensnared, the victim would find it difficult to dodge and fight, and nearly impossible to move unless they escaped through force or finesse.
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