star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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PostSubject: FORCE SCREAM   Fri 30 Jun - 23:20


Taping into the darkness of your soul, you are able to gather its worst nightmares and releases it as a terrible scream. This power creates a wave of sound that does sonic damage to all enemies around you within 1 square. If creature can hear, it will take direct damage to health points. No armor or shield can protect target from this power.

Power Alignment: Dark
Damage Type: Sonic
Counter: Fortitude 1/2

Rank 1:
Sonic Damage: 5+ Cha Mod, Critical Hit 20-20 (x2)
Radius: 1 square around you

Rank 2:
Sonic Damage: 10+ Cha Mod, Critical Hit 20-20 (x2)
Radius: 1 square around you

Rank 3:
Sonic Damage: 15+ Cha Mod, Critical Hit 20-20 (x2)
Radius: 1 square around you

Rank 4:
Sonic Damage: 20+ Cha Mod
Radius: 2 squares around you
Evolution A: +1 Critical Chance
Evolution B: +1 Critical Multiplier

Rank 5:
Sonic Damage: 25+ Cha Mod
Radius: 3 squares around you
Evolution A: Gains 3 rounds duration, next 2 rounds automatically pulses without spending actions
Evolution B: Gains 10 squares range, targeted square becomes point of 3 square radius
Evolution C: Wail of the Banshee (on succeeded fortitude save organic target takes full damage anyway, on failed fortitude save organic targets die instantly)

Force Scream: A Force scream was an involuntary Force exertion manifested by those whose alignment was with the dark side of the Force. It was a scream, of strong frustration, rage, or grief, emitted through the Force. The Force scream had been called "a wave of hatred, amplified and fueled by the dark side, that is capable of smashing through mental and physical defenses with ease." A number of references to Dark Jedi in Old Republic archives often mentioned the Dark Jedi violently losing control in the final moments of battle. But a living user can go only so far. The most powerful users of Force Scream are undead creatures known as Banshee. Is this true or not is unknown, for there are not living witnesses to tell the tale.
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