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PostSubject: CREATE ZOMBIE   Wed 28 Jun - 14:12


Zombies are corpses reanimated through dark and sinister magic. These mindless automatons shamble about, doing their creator's bidding without fear or hesitation. As every undead, zombies gain immunity to disease, critical hits, death magic, level/ability drain, mind-affecting spells, stunning, paralysis, poison and sneak attacks. Zombies have Damage Reduction 5/slashing, which means that slashing weapons can bypass their damage reduction, and everything that heals living can hurt them. Zombie will retrain original abilities it had in life, but its attributes will change, it will gain +2 to Strength, -2 to Dexterity, it has no Constitution and Intelligence score, and it's Charisma changes to 1. Zombie may perform only 1 action in it's turn, because zombies are slower than other creatures. Users extremely skilled in this witchcraft can create more powerful zombies that do not gain penalties. You can create only one zombie creature. Creating a new zombie creature will destroy currently present one on the field. Zombie suffers double damage from Force Light.

Power Alignment: Dark
Power Type: Conjuration
Pre-Requirement: Witch
Target: Dead Organic Creature
Counter: Force Light, Force Heal, Medicine, Fortitude

Rank 1:
Duration: 1 Zombie's Turn + Wisdom Modifier

Rank 2:
Duration: 2 Zombie's Turn + Wisdom Modifier

Rank 3:
Duration: 3 Zombie's Turn + Wisdom Modifier

Rank 4:
Duration: 4 Zombie's Turn + Wisdom Modifier
Evolution A: Zombie does 50% damage
Evolution B: Zombie gains 50% health

Rank 5:
Duration: 5 Zombie's Turn + Wisdom Modifier
Zombie no longer gains penalties and may perform normal number of actions
Evolution A: Zombie Attacks gain +2 to critical chance and +2 to critical multiplier
Evolution B: Zombie gains double movement, +100% health and becomes Tank
Evolution C: Zombification

Zombification: Each time zombie is attacked in melee combat, or if zombie uses a melee attack, the attacker or attacked risks getting infection from the virus. The target or victim must roll Fortitude save vs Witch's initial Use the Force DC, or will get infected by the virus. If infected target receives a damage, it will turn into a zombie and serve the Witch. Infection can be cleansed by Medicine Rank5A, or Force Heal any rank. Additional, if a target is slain by zombie, it becomes a zombie in next round. The number of zombies created is caped by sum of wisdom and charisma modifiers.

A zombie, also referred to as an undead, was a corpse revived through supernatural means such as witchcraft. Completely will-less and speechless, zombies were controlled by those who had summoned them in the first place.
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