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PostSubject: BLOOD DANCE   Sat 17 Jun - 14:19


This feat allows character to inflict bleeding damage using weapons that deal physical slashing damage. Bleeding status effects triggers if weapon scores a critical hit. Bleeding is damage over time and ticks once per round, during the target's turn. Bleeding damage uses percentage of the initial slash damage. If target is healed the bleeding stops.

Feat: Universal
Damage Type: Slash Bleeding
Counter: Healing

Rank 1:
Ticks: 1
Bleeding Damage per tick 10%

Rank 2:
Ticks: 2
Bleeding Damage per tick 20%

Rank 3:
Ticks: 3
Bleeding Damage per tick 30%

Rank 4:
Evolution A: Slash Weapons deal +25% damage
Evolution B: Ticks deals +10% damage

Rank 5:
Evolution A: Slash Weapons deal +25% damage
Evolution B: Ticks deals +10% damage
Evolution C: Healing no longer stops the bleeding
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