star wars the old republic d20 role play, what is your character's story?
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 Zannah Wrath

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PostSubject: Zannah Wrath   Mon 12 Jun - 23:31

Name: Zannah Wrath
Faction: Former Sith
Species: Human
Gender: Female (Bisexual)
Age: 22
Alignment: Dark side (Chaotic Evil)
Height: 1.67m
Weight: 54kg
Eyes: Sith orange
Hair: Long Dark Black
Skin: Human White
Physical Markings: Her body is kept in remarkable fit condition after years of Sith training, she keeps as light on her feet as possible after mastering both her body and mind to truly become one with the shadows.
Birthplace: Dromund Kaas
Planned Base Class(es): Sith Marauder
Planned Prestige Class(es): Witch
Preferred Role: Either
Personality: Zannah to many on the surface appears as a cold ruthless killer, what comes natural as someone who was forged into a weapon by the Sith empire. Zannah is loyal to those who fight beside her, unlike many Sith she is not driven purely by rage or ambition. Zannah maintains a way of honor especially when it comes to combat, if given a mission she will see it through at any cost and will prove very hard to turn away from the original goal.
Likes: Honor Killing, combat, Acts of power, hunting.
Dislikes: Undeserved charity, Snobs, Xenophobics, Blind faith
Gear/Attire: Black and white medium armor combined with leather Sith robe/split cape leather finger less gloves, she also wears a protective face mask which also hides the sound of her breathing She carries with her a purple staff saber plus one single green lightsaber so she can duel wield if necessary by igniting only one blade of the staff saber. Stealth generator belt.
Background story: A lot of Zannah's past life has been lost to her, both her parents were murdered at a very young age. She does not remember her childhood or her past family. Her first memories are limited to her first kill at the age of 7. She was raised on Dromund Kaas by a Sith Lord named Darth Lokess until the age of 10 and was then sent to Korriban to under go several years of training under the watchful eye of Darth Baras and Overseer Tremel.
Tremel and Baras both felt the power that radiated in the young child, Baras charged Tremel with watching over the girl.
Under Tremel's teachings Zannah learned a strict code of Sith honor and understanding of the old ways.
After passing her trials on Korriban at just the age of 14 Baras took Zannah on as a secret apprentice, he showed her the power of the dark side of the force.
Zannah served Baras loyally assassinating any target he assigned her until the day Overseer Tremel was killed.
Upon learning of his death Zannah discovered that it had been Darth Baras who had ordered his execution.
Zannah confronted Baras demanding to know why, Baras then showed her his true nature and explained that Tremel and her were nothing but insignificant pawns.
Zannah declared herself free of Baras, though he did not care, Zannah left his service and sought a new path.
After several months of wondering Dromund Kaas Zannah came across the order of Revan.
She stayed with them several years taking part in key covert operations for Darth Arkous. Shortly after that it was revealed to all that the master, Revan himself was still alive and returned to the galaxy.
Upon learning of Revan's plot to wipe out all life on Yavin to try and summon the emperor back to life Zannah again lost faith in the cause.
Tired of masters deceiving her all her life she continued to search for a worthy cause to follow.

Most recent event:  
The Fury of Zakuul

A disturbance had been felt through out the galaxy... Valkorian the eternal emperor had been struck down. Prince Arcann, son of Valkorian had taken the eternal throne, in doing so he vowed that the core worlds of the galaxy would burn for assassinating his father.

Zannah was hunting a target on Dromund Kaas when the eternal fleet arrived in orbit, within seconds the sky exploded into patterns of blaster fire as the Empire's fleet smashed against the eternal fleet.
Arcann had dispatched assassins and knights of his own to hunt down and kill all the members of the Dark council.
Zannah clenched her fists as she watched Zakuul transports descending down out of the blaster fire towards Kaas city.
Skytroopers and Zakuul knights charged out of the transports and began laying siege to the city.
Before she had time to think a bunch of skytroopers were running right at her.
Zannah ignited two of her lightsabers and charged the skytroopers head on deflecting and dodging blaster fire she closed in on them and began striking them down left and right.
Within moments Imperial troopers and Sith were charging the enemy breaking out into complete carnage.
Bodies and droids flew in all direction as the sky was a light on fire.

In the heat of the battle Two knights of Zakuul turned their attention to Zannah, she activated both blades of her staff saber as well as her spare green saber to fend off the attackers.
Zannah fell back on her assassin training, she delivered a swift push to both knights and stealthed out using her stealth generator, she leaped behind both the knights and impaled them through the chest.
The empire was able to hold the attackers at bay on the ground but due to the overwhelming eternal fleet surviving dark council members ultimately surrendered to terms with Arcaan.
Furious at the display of weakness from the Empire, Zannah left Dromund Kaas behind.
She boarded the next shuttle off the planet and did not look back. The shuttle she had boarded was headed to Nal hutta.

Zannah arrived on Nal Hutta, she immediately headed for the nearest cantina, she ordered herself a drink and sat at that bar, she removed her facial mask and started to drink. Before long one of the hutt bruisers came up to her checking her out.
"Pretty little thing like you is either very brave or very foolish to come to Nal Hutta."
Zannah does not respond to the man, she simply takes another sip of her drink.
Then man smirks, "You know this is a dangerous place, particularly for a woman, particularly a woman alone."
Zannah places her cup down on the bar, she turns and looks at the man.
"You know darling, I could protect you."
The thug suddenly goes to reach around as if to grab Zannah by the ass, with immediate lighting reflexes she grabs the thugs arm, stands up, twists the arm behind his back and breaks it. The thug cries out in pain!
Still grappling the man Zannah forces him down over the bar, slowly she moves and whisper in to his ear.
"What makes you think I need protecting?"
Zannah suddenly smashes the bands head against the bar with great force and he collapses to the ground like the big lump he his.
There is a burst of laughter in the cantina, Zannah looks around and grabs her face mask of the bar. She was about to make her way to the exit when an interesting looking woman looking at her suddenly catches her eye.
Zannah walks over to the woman, her eyes were a bright green, her hair blonde.
The woman raised a glass to Zannah. "Congratulations, that was quite a show."
The woman chuckled to herself as she brings her glass to her lips and takes a sip. Zannah slowly sits down at the table across from her.
"I've been looking for someone like you."
Zannah put her face mask back on she looked across at the woman but remained silent, her yellow eyes met the intrigued staring of her green ones.
"I shall take your silence as a sign of interest."
The woman slightly chuckled again. "My name is Karliah, I am quite recently an arrival to Nal Hutta myself."
Zannah placed her hands together and rested them on the table.
"So why do you require someone like me?"
The chuckling and smiled expression on the woman suddenly faded, Zannah could sense a deep anger swelling inside her though it was different to anything else she had sensed before.
The woman began to speak, "One of the miserable Hutt lifeforms on this planet stole and holds something that is very valuable to me." As she speaks she sways her hand, green energy appears to dance around her finger tips slightly, her eyes began to glow green. Some of the patrons around them begin to look uncomfortable as they noticed the sight of her.
"You're going to help me get it back." The woman glared at Zannah.
"What did the hutt steal?" Zannah asked.
Suddenly the woman stands up, a green mist of energy begins flowing from her, it goes around Zannah touching every other Patron in the room.
"Everything!" The woman screamed and smashed her glass down on the table. The room emitted a green flash as a sudden in sync scream burst out from all around the room as all the patrons around them suddenly fell dead.
Zannah looked around at the lifeless cantina, as the women dusted herself off and composed herself.
Zannah slowly arose to her feet, "Share your knowledge of the force with me and I shall do as you require."
A smile suddenly finds its way back to Karliah's face. "My dear, return to me what the Hutt has stolen and I shall teach you whatever you wish to know." The witch reaches out with her hand.
Zannah takes her hand. "If you betray me, I will kill you." Karliah chuckles as they shake hands. "Then it seems we have an agreement."
Together the two of them slowly made their way out of the cantina.
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PostSubject: Re: Zannah Wrath   Wed 14 Jun - 13:23

Everything is in its place. And character sheet is done. And a mysterious ending that leaves room for future role play. This application is now approved.
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Zannah Wrath
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