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PostSubject: SABER THROW   Mon 12 Jun - 13:07


Connect with the force to throw lightsaber, allowing character to attack at range by guiding the lightasber in the air with the Force. The Target must be at least 5 meters away for user to activate this power. Once lightsaber is thrown, it will automatically return to its owner. You throw your main hand lightsaber at the target, and it attacks it once per ten character levels. To hit you must success on AB +d20 vs AC of the target. Use the Force skill replaces Attack Bonus if it is higher. Saber Throw is considered a ranged attack, and thus weapon damage and its critical threat apply.

Power Alignment: Universal
Damage Type: Your Main Hand Lightsaber
Counter: AC, Reflex for half, Dodge, Tutaminis, Ray Shield (Arkanian)

Rank 1:
1 Target between 5 meters and 10 meters from the player

Rank 2:
Cripples first target for one its turn, it is unable to use a move action

Rank 3:
1 Target between 3 and 10 meters from the player
Cripples first target for two its turns, it is unable to use a move action

Rank 4:
Evolution A: +1 Target within 2 meters of first target
Evolution B: Throw at ally to defend them from attack

Rank 5:
Evolution A: +1 Target, range between targets increased to 3 meters
Evolution B: Impales a target on a lightsaber and pulls it to you
Evolution C: Adds off hand lightsaber

Rank 4B: You can use this outside of your turn as an ally's counter. The ally you defend cannot use the counter itself if you chose to defend them. Your lightsaber defenses apply depending on your current lightsaber form. This rank can be used once per round.

Rank5A: This improves Rank4A, but if you do not have Rank4A, then Rank5A becomes Rank4A.

Rank5B: Even if you learn this rank, you may chose to ignore pull effect as you see fit. You can chose which target you want to impale on lightsaber too, but in that case your lightsaber does not jump to a next target.

SABER THROW: The Force user, whether by manually locking the blade in the 'on' position or holding in the activation button using the Force, could throw the lightsaber in a boomerang fashion, with it cutting its way through obstacles and (usually after deactivation) returning to the hand of the caster. Variations in the skill of users meant that some could hurl their lightsabers great distances, make mid-air course corrections, or keep them hovering in place. These techniques, finely honed, could be combined to make telekinetic lightsaber combat possible.
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