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PostSubject: PROVOKE   Tue 25 Apr - 6:33


This feat allows character's basic attack to provoke target to attack the character. The target must win will save against character's taunt skill, if it fails it will attack the character for 1 Round. Provoke attacks do not gain bonus from any other feats except to hit chance.

Feat: Universal
Damage Type: NA
Counter: Will Save Negates

Rank 1:
Provoked enemy attacks the provoker for 1 round.

Rank 2:
Provoked enemy attacks the provoker for 2 round.

Rank 3:
Provoked enemy attacks the provoker for 3 round.

Rank 4:
Evolution A: Provoked enemy does 10% less damage.
Evolution B: All enemies who witness Provoke attack must win will save or will be provoked.

Rank 5:
Evolution A: Provoked enemy does additional 10% less damage.
Evolution B: Your Taunt skill increases by 5.
Evolution C: You provoke attack are no longer basic attacks, they gain bonus from all other feats.

Base Taunt Requirements:
Rank1: Taunt 4
Rank2: Taunt 8
Rank3: Taunt 12
Rank4: Taunt 16
Rank5: Taunt 20

Provoke: Making yourself a target protects your companions. But can you survive the provoked hostilities?
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