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PostSubject: BATTLE MEDITATION   Mon 24 Apr - 18:02


Battle meditation is a rare force ability that allows the user to bolster the morale, stamina and battle prowess of the users followers, alternatively some dark side users have been known to twist it and make the opposing armies lose the will to fight. While using Battle Meditation power, the caster cannot move or perform any other action. Meditation lasts until caster decides to end it or loses more than half hit points. If ended forcefully like this, Battle Meditation cannot be used again in the same battle.

Power Alignment: Universal
Healing Type: Force Light Energy
Damage Type: Force Dark Energy
Counter: Will Save negates
Associated Attribute: Wisdom
Restricted by: Heavy Armor
Use: Channeled Action
Duration: Until canceled or forcefully ended

Rank 1:
Allies gain +2 to all attacks and damage

Rank 2:
Enemies gain -2 to all attacks and damage

Rank 3:
Allies gain +3 (total +5) to all attacks and damage
Enemies gain -3 (total -5) to all attacks and damage

Rank 4:
Evolution A: Heals allies every turn using Wisdom Modifer
Evolution B: Damages enemies every turn using Wisdom Modifier

Rank 5:
Evolution A: All ally saves gain +5 bonus
Evolution B: All enemy saves gain -5 bonus
Evolution C: Meditation no longer prevents other actions and movements

If Practitioner of the Battle Meditation has mastered light or dark side alignment, the Battle Meditation adds additional effect at rank 5, no matter which evolution is taken. If Mater of Light Side, during meditation the user gains 50% Damage Reduction. If Master of Dark side, during meditation the user gains 50% Damage Reflection.

Battle Meditation: Battle meditation is a Force ability that considerably boosted the morale, stamina, and overall battle prowess of an individual's allies while simultaneously reducing the opposition's combat-effectiveness by eroding their will to fight. Battle meditation was the ability to use the Force to coordinate allies and even entire fleets of ships, allowing them to perform at maximum efficiency, acting as a single entity with the ability to counter every enemy move quickly and effectively. Though ideal for meditating large-scale conflicts, battle meditation was also effective when employed for the benefit of one's comrades in small skirmishes, attacks, and duels. It could also be used to simultaneously demoralize the opponents, reducing their combat effectiveness. Battle meditation was used to influence armies and fleets to win battles and even wars.
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